Before stage 4 starts, there will be a little bonus game. Simply shoot as many barrels as possible for extra points. In a 2 player game, whoever has shot the most barrels wins.

This stage starts on the train tracks and once again, you'll be put into a gun fight. The guys who try and shoot you are weak though and there are lots of boxes around you can break open for items. After beating everyone, you'll automatically jump onto a train.

There are many enemies to fight off on this train, from standard punks to the ninja girls. After beating one wave of enemies you will move up to the top of the train and have to fight a lot of the most basic enemies.

Most of the stuff on top of the train can be destroyed, you will encounter more basic enemies plus Yan Lee and a clone of him. After beating them the fight moves to the front of the train where there are several knife throwers along with Gus, one of the big guys.

After taking them out, your character will move back to a generator and destroy it with a grenade. This blows up part of the train revealing this stage's boss, Bushwacker.

Bushwacker has had one of his arms replaced with a cybernetic one, which he can transform into a missile launcher. He will launch missiles at you in various directions, such as aiming at the ground near him or just in a straight line. Lots of other villains will appear to try and help him in the fight, such as the ninjas.

He's also got rapid punching techniques and has a spinning clothesline move, but he's quite easy to throw around and the smaller arena this boss fight takes place in means it's easier to grab him. Stick with throws and he should go down pretty easily.