As soon as the level start you'll get into a gun fight with a few thugs. Move on and you'll come across a big guy called Gus, who also has back up in the form of a few guys with knives and Yan Lee. Guy is much like Scully but weaker. Smash open the barrels for items.

Further on there will e another gun battle, a mercenary called Gaullee will lead a team. Gaullee is much stronger than any of the other guys though and is armed with an assault rifle. Near the end of the dock some ninjas will appear along with the most annoying enemies on the game: pretty boys. These robots have incredible reach thanks to their extending arms and can also take a lot of punishment. The good thing is that the game lets you use your handgun against them.

After defeating the robots you will move inside one of the warehouses, where the battle takes place on scaffolding. Most of the enemies you face here are weak but several of them will br carrying weapons. After clearing everything out up there, you'll jump down and fight the boss, Bone Breaker.

Bone Breaker is cyborg and has a couple of projectile weapons. If he is far away from you, he will often try and charge straight at you or send out missiles. Don't stand around in front of him fir long either as he's got a flame thrower. Jumping attacks are often ineffective against him as he can just punch you out of the way before you can land a strike. Several punks with guns will run on during the fight but this can be good for you as you can shoot at the boss with your gun.