Jumping out of the pool, smash open the deck chairs to reveals some hidden items. A bunch of basic thugs will come on and a couple of them will be armed. Head on and you'll be fighting in a more open area where you'll get to encounter some female ninjas for the first time. These women are deadly and have several different attacks, including spinning with their swords, teleportation and they can perform a throw move known as the izuna drop.

After defeating the ninjas, you will automatically jump kick through a window. Inside the mansion there will be another gun battle, only this time there is a guy with a tommy gun along with several of the handgun punks.

After that battle, move along and you'll see three prison cells, punch the doors to release the prisoners (who will hug you if you let them, giving you a health boost). More punks and gangsters will arrive, including one who wields a makeshift flamethrower. Knock him down and use it to burn all the other enemies. After this you will move to the next room, where Bruno and some of his cronies are waiting...

...only they then get blown away! A large robot called simply Guard Droid appears and says that the Kingpin has sent him down to kill you.

Unlike Scully, Guard Droid presents a real challenge. No other enemies will come onto the screen at least, but that's because Guard Droid has multiple ways of hurting you. He has a dashing punch, jabs and can also jump and then stomp on the ground, causing you to fall over even if you don't get hit by it. Jump when he is about to land to avoid this.

Another attack to watch out for is his laser -he can spin his head around to fire in front and behind him and it will set you on fire if you get hit. Generally speaking, just get in, do a quick combo, then get back and see what the robot is going to do next. You can smash open the bed in the top right corner of the screen to get some items and when in doubt, just use any grenades you have left. Beat Guard Droid and he will explode into pieces.