Why do people hate this game?

Capcom took as many infinite combos out as they could...but they then put in a new Wolverine infinite which is so easy even I can do it. Simply activate his berserker charge hyper, then hold down and keep pressing the heavy punch button. This infinite ruined the game from a competitive point of view as any tournaments set up for it often became player 1 picking Wolverine & any other character and player 2 picking Wolverine & any other character in a battle to see whoever could get the infinite in first. Most fighting games have infinite combos, but then most of these require actual skill to do. Literally anyone could do this one though.

So that's why Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter is retarded. Capcom themselves apparently don't think much about this game. In 2012, when Marvel Vs. Capcom Origins was announced, some fans asked why Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter wasn't going to be included. Capcom's response was something along the lines of "the game isn't good enough".

I'm playing the Japanese arcade version and Norimaro isn't there?

It has something to do with the credit settings. If the game is set to two coins for one credit, then Norimaro's spot on the character select grid will be replaced with the game's logo. Having 1 coin per credit will always make him available, I know that much.

Any voice actor trivia?

Capcom got Norman Spencer to re-record all of his lines for Cyclops. I'm not sure who voiced Omega Red in X-Men Children of the Atom, but in this game he is voiced by Len Doncheff, who voiced him in the cartoon. Interestingly enough, the sound test for the arcade version has some of the original voice clips for Omega Red from Children of the Atom in it. Maybe Capcom weren't sure if they could get Len in and planned to just re-used the old voice actor. In addition to these some of Omega's CotA grunts are still in the sound test for this game. Also, Len recorded some dialogue that was never used -such as "Your life force stinks!" and "Never".

Omega Destroyer
Omega Strike/Spike

Who is the crazy announcer for this game? And what does he say during the intro?

His name is Tony Daniels, he voiced Gambit in the previous game and was his second voice actor in the X-Men cartoon. He says this:

"Are you ready true believers?! Capcom and Marvel have joined forces once again to bring you...it's MARVEL SUPER HEROES VS. STREET FIGHTER!! Survive! Uncanny adventure! Don't miss out on the enjoyment of a lifetime! Feel sensational thrills! Don't miss the most amazing tag team fighting game ever! Are you ready for a new challenger?! Now, come join: MARVEL SUPER HEROES VS. STREET FIGHTER!!" Sometimes he will alternate some of the dialogue so he says "Behold! Amazing phantasy!" and "Look! Spectacular action!" instead of "Survive! Uncanny adventure!" and "Feel sensational thrills!".

Also whenever a fight ends with a hyper combo he will scream the name of the move out.

Can you play as the bosses in the arcade version?

Nope. If you to use them you'll need the Playstation version for both bosses, or the Saturn version if you only want Cyber-Akuma. The only way you can play as the bosses in the arcade version is via hacking. However I played through the arcade version as Cyber-Akuma and beat it, and instead of the game crashing he actually has an ending of sorts: this screen. This screen was during the location test stage of the game.

Can you fight the hidden characters?

Yes, but I'm not sure how. There are ways to get Dark Sakura, Shadow and Mech Zangief to fight you in single player, but there seems to be a lot of misinformation about exactly how you do this. A lot of sites you need to get a certain amount of cross-over combination finishes (5 for Dark Sakura, 6 for Zangief and 7 for Shadow) before stage 6. But then other places state you need to get some cross-over combination and hyper combo finishes. More strangely, some people claim that the hidden fights are only in the Japanese arcade version, and were removed from the American version.

I've played through the American arcade version a few times, using methods listed on cheat sites, but none of them worked for me. When I did a playthrough of the SEGA Saturn version however, I did get Mech Zangief to fight me. So I'm really not sure what the deal is. I'll try and find out more info.

Shuma-Gorath got in but Iron Man didn't? Where is Dr. Doom? Dan over Cammy?

Apparently Capcom really wanted to have Iron Man in the game, but he wasn't included. Acclaim were making an Iron Man game for the SEGA Saturn and Playstation (that was released in 1996) so maybe that might have prevented Capcom from being able to use him. Doctor Doom I have a possible idea on: There was a Fantastic Four game for the Playstation released in 1997 (also by Acclaim) which had Doctor Doom as the final boss, so maybe there were licence issues with that.

Dan was a popular character and since Cammy had already been in the previous game, Capcom must have wanted to give him a chance.

The hidden characters suck!

I don't mind Shadow being in there, even if he is just Charlie. At least he isn't another Ryu type. Dark Sakura isn't too bad either since she has some different moves from the regular one. But as for the others, yes, I agree. Sadly Capcom liked the palette swapped hidden character idea and it would be seen again in Marvel Vs. Capcom.

Shuma-Gorath is green now?

Shuma's official color is purple (which it was in Marvel Super Heroes). However in this game his default color is green whilst his secondary color is purple. I can only assume this was an error on Capcom's part, but the same thing happens in Marvel Vs. Capcom 2.

Does Apocalypse have unused attacks?

Yes. Not only is the unused attack from X-Men Vs. Street Fighter still in there, but he has another one where one of his hands transforms into a pincer and launches at the opponent! However this attack seems to have never been completed, as it cannot do anything to the opponent other than push them back. It is also extremely slow. The CPU never uses this move, the only way you can see it is by hacking the arcade version to make Apocalypse playable. All you have to do is press the medium kick button for this move. In the Playstation version there is a cheat to play as Apocalypse, but this attack cannot be done.

Any regional differences?

Several, although most of them are fairly minor (aside from Norimaro). The main differences are that the hidden Capcom side characters (Dark Sakura, Shadow and Mech Zangief) all have proper endings in the Japanese version, which were all removed from non-Japanese versions of the game. Check out this page from my regional differences section for more info.