I own a European Gamecube. The Rebel Strike videos were played on a Wii, however.

Sonic CD
Video length: 57:26
Game region:
Difficulty level: 2 out of 5

Playthrough of the flawed version included on Sonic Gems Collection. I didn't get all of the time stones in this run since I'd already done that in my SEGA CD version playthrough. This version also lacks a 60hz option, so the best quality option for it is 50 frames per second.

My recording software unfortunately did some skipping when I recorded this, it's most noticeable in the first act of the Collision Chaos Zone.

The only hard parts of this game are the race against Metal Sonic, and I never like doing that short section in the final level where you have to get across a bottomless pit (which is the only one in the game, if I'm remembering it right).

Soulcalibur II
Video length: 15:35
Game region:
Difficulty level: 2 out of 5

Playthrough with Nightmare. Soulcalibur II is a bit harder than the first one, the CPU seems to have been given a slight intelligence boost. But really even with that the only hard part is the game's boss, Inferno. It's a single round battle, so you've only got once chance to win, and Inferno can just be annoying sometimes.

Star Wars Rebel Strike: Rogue Squadron III
Video length: See times on playlist
Game region:
Difficulty level: 4 out of 5

These videos are played in the co-op mode (thanks to Matt for playing this with me), which consists of most of the levels from Rogue Squadron II. This is actually a good thing because personally I like the RSII missions much more than the RSIII ones, mainly because you get stuff like the Death Star trench run, the Endor space battle, and none of that terrible third person on-foot stuff.

Most of the game's missions aren't too difficult, but there are a few where it gets pretty hard. We've also disliked the Bespin mission, but the hardest missions are the last two. The Battle of Endor has you fighting the entire Imperial fleet, so you have lots of ships flying around, and it can be easy to lose a life by colliding with them if you aren't careful. And then you've got to also take down not one but two Star Destroyers -even with the Jedi Starfighter this can be hard.

The final mission involves flying in and out of the second Death Star -getting in is hard since players have to try and cover each other, but the real challenge is getting out alive. You've basically got to get out at twice the speed you got in, otherwise the explosions will catch up and kill you.

The Imperial Academy Heist mission has two variants, with a day and night version, and which one you play depends on what time your Gamecube's internal clock is set at.