I own a Game Boy Advance SP, but for these videos I played the games on the Gamecube's Game Boy Player. I really hate that Nintendo didn't put in an option to remove that annoying "Z Button: Options" message in the top right corner.

Final Fight One
Video length: See below
Game region:
Difficulty level: 2 out of 5

These two characters can be unlocked by defeating a certain amount of enemies. They're both really powerful, and make the game a lot easier to play through than using any of the standard three characters. Visit my Final Fight site here.

I did better with Cody as the game gave me a lot of extra life items throughout the game. I've never gotten so many before.

Alpha Cody playthrough (48:12)
Alpha Guy playthrough (55:54)

Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper
Video length: 16:09
Game region:
Difficulty level: 1 out of 5

I always thought this port was over-rated, mainly due to a bad design choice with the controls. Rather than have the tap lightly or firmly for the jab/strong punch and kicks, that was featured in Turbo Revival, you have this awkward system where you have to press two buttons at the same time -a pain to do with the Game Boy Advance, I'm afraid.

Anyway, here's a playthrough with Akuma. Whilst the default controls aren't too good, they did at least add a feature that lets you do super combos with ease (such as left, right, FP+RK to do Akuma's raging demon).