The main weapon Christopher uses in this game is the vampire hunter whip. It has 3 power levels and can be powered up by collecting these:

At level 1, the whip has short range and not very powerful.

At level 2, the whip can now has better reach and is more damaging.

The level 3 whip will release a fireball when swung, which isn't very powerful but is ideal for hitting far away enemies.


When you have a sub-weapon, you can use it by pressing up and the attack button at the same time. Sub-weapons require heart items to be used, so always collect any hearts you come across. Not that not all three sub-weapons appear in the same version of the game -see the regional differences section for more on this.

Holy water will be thrown at the floor and then small flames will rise up for a couple of seconds. This sub weapon can hit an enemy multiple times.

The axe will be thrown above Christopher so it's great for hitting any flying enemies.

The cross acts like a boomerang, Christopher will throw it out and it will travel a short distance before coming back the way it came, so it can hit enemies more than once.


Whip the candles you see in each level to reveal items. Some items are hidden, usually in breakable walls.

Hearts power the sub-weapons and there are 2 types: small hearts (give you 1 heart) and large hearts (give you 5 hearts) so collect as many of either as possible.

Coins are rather useless, as all they do is give you some points.

All of the food items are hidden in certain walls, when you collect them you will receive some health.

Collecting a 1-Up will give you an extra life, but these are will hidden and are few in number.