There are a couple of different versions of Belmont's Revenge, each with minor changes to the original version of the game. Here's a list of every newer version of the game and what changes there are to it.


In 1998, Konami released "Konami Collection 3" in Japan, which contained four games, including Dracula Densetsu II. There are not many changes in this version. The intro to the collection contains the above left picture at one point (which has a a typical typo), along with a extremely short extract from the Crystal Castle theme which has been re-done. The title screen has been updated copyright wise.


In 2000, Konami released their fourth and final GameBoy collection, which was exclusive to Europe like the previous three. The biggest change to this version is that Konami of Europe added color to the graphics, properly this time - compare this version running on a GameBoy Color to Konami Collection 3 running on the same hardware. However, there were also several more changes made to the game. Below is a list of them, the Konami GB Collection 4 version is on the left, the original version is on the right:

The Konami Collection version now has the proper names for the music tracks in the sound test, the original didn't. The sound test is still incomplete, however, and is missing a few tracks.

The cross is in the Konami Collection version, it replaces the axe from the original.

The intro sequence was changed, and a new font was used. The new version spells Solieyu differently.

Solieyu now says something different before you fight him.

He also says something different after you fight him.

And finally, the ending was changed in the Konami Collection version, and is now shorter than before. Here's the Konami Collection version, here's the original version.