The Castlevania Adventure, Konami's first effort in making a Game Boy version of it's popular NES series, was awful. Despite this they decided to make a sequel, and thankfully they got it right this time. Belmont's Revenge is much better than the original, with everything improved in some way - Christopher isn't as sluggish to move around, the graphics are more detailed, it's not as unfair as before (as in the fact that your weapon no longer downgrades in power whenever you get hit by most enemies) etc.

Several new elements have also been introduced such as being able to attack whilst holding onto a rope (finally), new special weapons like the holy water, cut-scenes (kind of, although this would be expanded greatly upon in Castlevania Legends) and more.

The story for Belmont's Revenge is fairly routine. The Castlevania Adventure was set in 1576 and the story involved Christopher Belmont defeating Dracula, the latter of which had returned after a 100 years absence. However, Dracula was not truly destroyed and despite being severely weakened, he hid away and formed a new plan to take his revenge against Christopher.

16 years later, Christopher has decided that he is now too old to be the bearer of the vampire killer whip and that it is time to hand it over to his son, Soleiyu. Dracula, however, kidnaps Soleiyu and posses him before Christopher can do this. Christopher has no option but to save his son and destroy Dracula properly this time.