There are plenty of different weapons to use in Cadillacs and Dinosaurs. Here's a guide to what each one can do:

The knife is a short range weapon to stab enemies with. If an enemy is far away, press the attack button to throw the knife at them.

The rod is a powerful weapon to smash enemies over the head with. Once you hit an enemy a couple of times, the rod will break and you will be left with a smaller piece, this smaller piece works like the knife.

The stone is a simple and fairly weak weapon, just pick it up and then press the attack button to throw it at an enemy. Also available in exciting brown colours!

The club acts a lot like the rod, but won't break up after several hits on an enemy.

Only found in level 5, the torch will set opponents on fire when you strike them with it.

B. Knife is only available in the second level, and you can only get it by knocking out of Butcher's (the boss of that level) hands. It acts like the club.

Barrels come in various shapes and sizes, and can be broken to reveal items. But you can also pick them up and throw them at enemies if you move up to them as close as you can and press the attack button. You cannot run or jump when holding a barrel.

Grenades can be picked up and then thrown at enemies, and will either explode on contact with an enemy or after a few seconds. They are great for taking down large groups of opponents.

Dynamite can be picked up and thrown, once it is thrown it's fuse will light and a couple of seconds after this, it detonates. Any opponents near the resulting explosion will get hurt.

Simply called "gun" this firearm can fire up to six shots. It is the weakest firearm in the game, but three shots in a row is usually enough to make an enemy fall over. Once the ammo for this weapon is depleted, you can pick it up again and throw the gun at an enemy.

The shotgun can fire up to six shots and has a wide blast radius. It is powerful enough to take out groups of enemies. Once the ammo for this weapon is depleted, you can pick it up again and throw the shotgun at an enemy.

The rifle is another gun which has a six shot load. It fires slowly but does quite a bit of damage. Once it's ammo is depleted, you can pick it up again and club an enemy with it.

The Uzi fires lots of bullets in bursts, and several shots will cause an enemy hit by them to fall down. This weapon is extremely useful against level 3's boss, Hogg. When the ammo for it is depleted, pick it up again to throw it at opponents.

The M-16A1 is a large automatic rifle that sprays bullets everywhere when you press the attack button. Once its ammo is depleted it can be used as a club when picked up again. It is also the most difficult weapon to get and is the most rarely seen in the game, only appearing in smashed objects randomly.

The bazooka is a four shot wonder. Any enemy hit by a bazooka shot will suffer massive damage. Whenever you continue, you restart with one of these, which is most generous.

Whilst not exactly a weapon, ammo is pretty important. Pick it up, and then the next weapon you pick up will have it's ammo refilled. So use up every bullet in the Uzi, then go pick the ammo up, then go pick the Uzi up again and it will be full.

Since when has a radio been a weapon? Well pick it up when you see it in level 3...

... to bring on the ultimate weapon: the Cadillac! Steer the car around and mow down every enemy you see. You can only get the radio in the third level, so it means you can only drive the car around in that level as well.