Here are some unused sprites from the game.

Ragey found these comical portraits of some of the development staff. One of the pictures is an image of Ryu from Street Fighter II.

I'd assume that this was going to be used in the driving level.

The driving level also has a lot of barrels to smash apart, maybe this text was meant to appear then?

Sprites of an arcade stick, button and some arrows. I'd have thought that these would be used for a how to play sequence which was never completed.

Some unused sprites of the big guys. It looks to me that they are picking something up and then throwing it. These sprites, and all of the ones below, were found by Tomas Rivero.

Some unused sprites of Gnesis and Ferris. Looks like they're just casually hanging around.

More unused sprites of these two. Looks like they're dropping down here.

And some more unused sprites. Looks like a kick attack to me, or maybe they were originally meant to use this to kick open barrels.

An unused dinosaur! This is a very small dino, but it looks like it had a bite attack, looking at the bottom row of frames.