Ragey has a few of the comics based on the series and has written up this page.

As evidenced by the fact the game makes no sense, it's actually a comic book series that eventually expanded into a cartoon, trading cards, and other such things, including this game. I only have about sixteen issues, and thus aren't a complete mastermind about the series, but I'll try and cope with that fact.

Jack Tenrec is a fan of nature, dinosaurs, and cars, but despite that nerdiness, is quite the badass. Look at that stern fist shaking there. That's badassery. He's fairly unchanged from the comic.

Hannah Dundee is your typical scientist chick with fashion sense straight from the 1980s. Nicknamed "the Wassoon", she tags along with Jack while they get into romantic and baddie-battling mischief. She's given more blatant sex appeal than the comic, which focuses more on having lots of shots of her ass.

Mustapha Cairo is a bad mamba jamma of an engineer, and thinks very highly of science. His appearance remains mostly unchanged from the comics, except for some differently coloured clothing and losing his mustache.

I only have one issue with Mess O'Bradovich in it, but he's only in it for about four pages, and he dies. He has a wife and cares deeply for her, but appears to have a problem when it comes to standing up to bad guys. After stealing a car from Jack's garage, he then crashes it into a wall, killing himself and the criminals. It was later revealed that they had also killed his wife. I'm unsure if this is canon or not, as it appears in a side-story at the end of the issue.

Fessenden is seen in human form only once in the comics I have, where he then transforms into a grotesque octopus thing that can take over the bodies of over things, including t-rex skeletons. No three headed dinosaur, sadly.

The first boss of the game, Vice, appears in a lot of issues, where he's usually getting into crazy shenanigans and being a dick. I haven't an issue where Vice wears what he has in the game, and I'm thankful, as straps going around your chest simply don't fit with a fur collared jacket.

Even lowly Ferris is from the comic. He's the same in the game, but they gave him a shirt and differently coloured jeans.

The enemy Hammer T. seems mildly inspired by Gorgostamos. Severe emphasis on mildly.

Of course, I imagine that's only scratching the surface. There are also locations used in the game!

The wooden lift is used as a battlefield in the game, where the bad guys inconsiderably break the railings.

Even the underground parking lot of cars, jets, boats and cranes is seen in the game.

And the vast library becomes a hangout spot for hunters and lizard men. Better than having it flooded like in the issue I got that image from, I suppose.

The shrine to "the EVIL that men turned to before the END!" even appears in the game, in the background of the final battle. One guy who just hates the thing refers to it as an "egg", and wanted to keep it a secret for fear someone would use it for bad purposes, despite the fact it's just an empty shell. The place then floods, so we don't see what happens to it.