The Dinoforce are training on an island, as Gouryuu tests Gairyuu's strength. He then sees Kakuryuu punching a palm tree, and tells him to stop -what kind of idiot trains like that? Kakuryuu apologizes and then slams into the tree, accidentally making it fall on him. The Dinoforce then stop training when they Leozack heading their way.

He transforms and lands, asking if they are done playing wrestling. Gouryuu says they are itching to use their power, but Leozack says that victory requires more than brute strength -you need to use your head. He wants the Dinoforce to lend him a hand, saying he has a good deal for them. Gouryuu thinks he has no right to be so arrogant, but decides to follow him anyway.

At the Shuttle Base, Holi's teammates are on the way. But whilst they are waiting for them to arrive, Jean is showing Illumina around the base. Or at least, he's trying to show her around the base, but Holi keeps butting in to explain things, since he says he'd be better at it. Jean thinks he should stop trying to act so cool, although Illumina at least sees the funny side.

They then show Illumina something else -the teleportation capsules. Jean explains that you can teleport to any room in the base in an instant by using these. They give it a try and teleport to the control room. Jean is about to show Illumina what some of the things in this room do, but she says she needs to go. She is meeting up with some friends to go to the ocean exhibition.

They use the teleportation capsules to go back to the previous room, but they see three Cybertrons waiting for them. Holi sees that his teammates have arrived, and are late. They say sorry to their Captain, but their previous job took longer than they thought it would. Jean tells Jean and Illumina that these are the Cybertrons that he gets to command.


"My duty is fast first aid!"


"My duty is fire extinguishing!"


"Sea rescue is my duty, and I'm very confident about my speed!"


Jean and Illumina say hello to the new arrivals, but Illumina then remembers that she's got to get going, so Holi offers her a ride. Later on, the Dinoforce arrive at the place Leozack told them to go, and Gouryuu is surprised that they'll be attacking a a theme park. Leozack arrives and tells him that he wants this place so he can create a base for himself. He reveals that in the near future, he will be succeeding Deszaras and commanding the Destrons! He starts to laugh and asks Gouryuu if he thinks this idea of his is perfectly timed.

Gouryuu quietly wonders if everything is alright in Leozack's head, but Leozack promises to make him a General once he becomes the Emperor of Destruction. Gouryuu seems to like this idea and tells the Dinoforce to move in. At the park, the ocean exhibition has begun. Illumina, along with her friends Joyce and Rami, think the dolphins are so cute.

The Dinoforce then appear and start to smash things up. Most of them do their jobs well, but Yokuryuu manages to scare himself silly when he sees a building shaped like a shark. Gouryuu tells him not to get scared like that. Meanwhile Kakuryuu sinks a boat near the docks.

The Cybertrons soon find out about the attack, so Star Saber tells his forces to move out. He tells the Rescue Team that this will be their first mission together since they arrive on the planet, and he wants them to do their best. As the Cybertrons move out, Jean wants to go as Illumina and her friends are all there.

Back at the park, Kakuryuu is having fun making some toy submarines move up and down, but Gouryuu sees him. He asks what the idiot is doing down there, and he immediately says sorry. He resumes causing destruction, but when he hits a pillar with his tail, it falls right on him.

Meanwhile some of the humans have gone into hiding around the park, including Illumina's group. The Cybertrons are on the way, as Star Saber and Boater help their friends water-ski to the park. Leozack sees them and starts shooting.

Star Saber lands to drop Jean off, as he goes to look for Illumina. The other Cybertrons split up, as the Rescue Team arrive on land and go to start operations. Holi tells Boater to go back into the water in boat mode, so he can pick up and transport the people to the port. As they go about their mission, Star Saber taunts Leozack by saying he's no match for him in an aerial battle.

Leozack doesn't fall for his provocation and summons the Dinoforce. Since their are innocent humans around here, the Cybertrons won't be able to fight at full force. But he doesn't care about that and tells the Dinoforce to move in, saying that can cause as much destruction as they like. Star Saber tells Blacker to lead the Dinoforce towards the pier, away from the park. Blacker, Laster and Braver start to run, and the Dinoforce are so dumb they just follow them. Star Saber transforms and has some humans climb onboard the V-Star so they can escape.

Leozack starts to fight with him. Meanwhile, the Rescue Team are doing a good job with their operations, but Jean still can't find Illumina. Holi picks up some sounds from under the ground, and drives off towards the source of them.

They drive towards a ruined building. Inside the building they find that Illumina is trapped with another little girl under a lot of rubble. Holi lifts up one of the beams, giving Illumina enough time to move and take the other girl to her mommy.

The Brainmasters are beating the Dinoforce, and unite into Road Caesar to finish them off. But Gouryuu also wants to unite, as his team transform into Dinoking. The two combiners begin to grapple. Nearby, Leozack uses his electromagnetic nunchaku... try and disable Star Saber. As Star Saber struggles, he sees the V-Star returning, and realises that the evacuation has been completed. He transforms and unites with the V-Star to become his larger robot mode.

It doesn't take long for him to cut into one of Leozack's arms. Leozack decides to withdraw whilst he can, and bids Star Saber farewell for the moment. As he transforms and leaves, Dinoking sees him retreat. He thinks that Leozack has made him do all the work, and has now just ran away! He also decides to retreat.

The Destrons return to the Thunder Arrow, and report to Deszaras. Leozack explains that he intended to make the park into a seawater energy conversion base, but thinks didn't turn out right and his plan may have been too small scale. Deszaras does not even bother talking to him and instead just turns around and leaves. Leozack has been humiliated, and the Dinoforce snigger at him.

Back at the park, Holi says that they have finished their rescue operations, as Boater is taking the last group of people away now. Whilst Star Saber is glad everyone was saved without any casualties, he reminds everyone that it isn't over yet -they've got repair work to do!


Kakuryuu sings part of "Cybertron Banzai" a couple of times in this episode. This song is used in the show's credits sequence.

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