The Destrons have destroyed bases in space and on the Moon, and the humans working in them have been transferred to the Galaxy Base. Inside the base, Jean is playing a game which Holi programmed.

Meanwhile, the other Cybertrons discuss what to do next. The humans want to return to Earth, and Star Saber decides that they will transport them there. Dashtacker steps forward, asking if they are going to leave their Captain behind. Star Saber says he hasn't finished talking yet, prompting Blacker to say that Dashtacker is always jumping to conclusions. The Brainmasters laugh, and Machtackle joins in with them. Dashtacker tells him that he, as a fellow Multiforce member, shouldn't be laughing!

Star Saber contacts Planet V, and tells Wingwaver that he wants him here on the double. Wingwaver is glad as he thought he was going to get left behind, and immediately leaves the planet.


Inside the Destron's flagship, Gouryuu walks into Deszaras' chamber, where another Destron is waiting. Deszaras appears, and points to a monitor, which displays an image of the Earth. He refers to the planet as a limitless mine, and says that they shall defeat the Cybertrons, take the planet's energy and then take control of the galaxy! Deszaras' second in command already has a plan to deal with their enemies.


Leozack tells Gouryuu to take the Dinoforce to the Cybertron's Galaxy Base, and destroy it. Gouryuu thinks that Star Saber should be taken care of first, but Leozack tells him to do as he is told. Gouryuu is offended by his attitude, but Deszaras asks if there is a problem. Gouryuu says there isn't, and goes to wake up the sleeping Dinoforce. They leave the Thunder Arrow and head out.

They come across the wreckage of the space station they previously trashed, and also see someone about to pass by it. They do a surprise ambush and quickly surround him. Gouryuu works out that they've found a Cybertron. Wingwaver says that he is the Captain of the Multiforce.

Gouryuu asks who this punk thinks he is, and says that if he's a Cybertron, they won't let him leave here alive! The Dinoforce attacks Wingwaver, who splits and transforms into his separate vehicle modes. He fires back at them as they chase him around, and he eventually transforms back into a robot.

Back at the base, Jean, Machtackle and Dashtacker go and see what the Brainmasters are doing. Blacker and Braver are do nothing of interest, but Laster has just finished creating something. He passes the device to Dashtacker, telling him that it is called a "Flasher" and instructs him to turn around and flick the switch. Dashtacker does this, and the Flasher emits a powerful, bright light for a few seconds. It blinds him, but Laster says he vision will return in a few moments. The Flasher is a new weapon he's created.

Laster says Dashtacker can keep it, since he tested it for him. Just then Star Saber and Holi arrive in the room, bring bad news: Wingwaver has been attacked by the Dinoforce. Dashtacker and Machtackle say they will go and help him, but Star Saber wants them to stay and guard the base. He instead lets Blacker, Braver and Laster go. Blacker tells the two Multiforce members to leave this to them, as they are still rookies.

They warp out into space, as Wingwaver fights for his life. Gouryuu moves in for the kill, and repeatedly strikes Wingwaver's left arm. But before he can administer the finishing blow, he gets shot from the side.

The Brainmasters have arrived and surround Wingwaver. Blacker tells him to go back to the Galaxy base, but he says he can still fight. Laster tells him to just be good and do as he was asked. Wingwaver says he understands and heads off.

The Dinoforce turn their attention to the Brainmasters, and reveal their robot modes. As they move in to attack, Gouryuu tells his T-Rex Pretender shell to go with the others to the Galaxy base.

Wingwaver arrives at the base, and Dashtacker and Machtackle are glad as now the entire Multiforce is assembled. But as his arm is still damaged, Star Saber tells him to go and have it repaired now. Whilst he knows that Blacker and the others can handle the Dinoforce, he is more worried about Deszaras' lack of activity.

Meanwhile, the Brainmasters gain the upper hand in the fight against the Dinoforce, but Gouryuu decides to show them their true power. They transform and unite into:


Dinoking says he'll crush them all and shatter their weak bodies. As he charges forward, the Brainmasters fire on him with their swords, but he easily blocks their shots with his giant axe.

Meanwhile Wingwaver notices that the Dinoforce's Pretender shells are heading towards the Galaxy Base. Star Saber has the Cybertrons take defensive positions, as Wingwaver, Dashtacker, Machtackle and Holi man the laser turrets. They open fire and try to stop the Dinoforce from entering the base.

Meanwhile Dinoking reveals that his axe can fire lasers, and then uses it to strike the Brainmasters. They cross their swords to combine their firepower...

....but Dinoking even manages to block that. Star Saber sees the battle and decides that he must help them, so he tells Wingwaver to handle things here whilst he is gone. Transforming to his jet mode, he tells Galaxy Shuttle to protect the humans here at the base and then leaves.

As Star Saber departs, the Dinoforce regroup and attack, finally managing to enter the base. They start to cause as much damage as they can.

Star Saber arrives at the battle and shoots at Dinoking, knocking him back. The Cybertron Supreme Commander then transforms to his smaller robot mode, and uses the other part of his larger body as a ship called the V-Star. He tells Blacker and the others to fall back and protect the base.

Having seen this transformation, Leozack wants to head out, but Deszaras tells him to wait. They will just observe Star Saber's battle ability for now. Star Saber uses the V-Star to shoot down Dinoking.

Back at the base, the Dinoforce have caused a lot of damage and regroup in space. The Cybertrons head out to fight them, and Dashtacker uses his Flasher to blind Gouryuu's Pretender shell.

Wingwaver and Machtackle team up to take him down. The base has taken major damage and the humans are in danger, so Galaxy Shuttle decides to separate from the main base. The humans are all inside his launch pad.


The Dinoforce see what is happening and go to attack Galaxy Shuttle, who transforms into his robot mode.


Using the boosters in his feet, he blasts the Dinoforce, sending them flying uncontrollably into space. Meanwhile, Star Saber unites with the V-Star to transform into his larger robot mode.

Even Dinoking cannot stand up to his power, and eventually Star Saber hits him hard enough to make him break apart. Gouryuu tells his troops to withdraw.

Star Saber heads back to where the Cybertrons are, and finds out from Jean that the Shuttle Base has already on the way to Earth. Galaxy Shuttle transforms and gives the others a ride back to the planet. As Galaxy Shuttle continues, Star Saber's heart is burning with a new found determination to protect the beautiful Earth from the wicked Destrons.


After the intro sequence, there is a brief segment which contains clips from the episode itself. These preview clips often give away spoilers in the episode. For example, the preview for this one shows the Dinoforce merging into Dinoking.

Apparently, the kanji that appears just after Galaxy Shuttle transforms for the first time translates as "Shuttle Robo" rather than "Galaxy Shuttle", which is the character's actual name. Perhaps "Shuttle Robo" was an early name that they forgot to change for that part.

This is the first time that the Dinoforce's dinosaur Pretender shells can actually operate by themselves, which seems to hint at them being separate entities.

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