An old farmer called Tom is sitting on a box in the middle of one of his fields, about to blow up part of the land. He wants to kill as many crop stealing prairie dogs as he can, and prepares to detonate the TNT he has placed.

But before he can the land suddenly starts to shake, forcing him to run off. Tom gets a safe distance away and turns around to see that his entire field has fallen away, leaving just a large hole in the ground.

Machtackle is sent to investigate. Meanwhile Tom has gone into Bar Victory, where he tells his story to the people inside. Tom goes on to say that for a few bucks he'll take anyone to go and see what happened, but nobody is interested. That is until Machtackle knocks on the door, who wants to take a look.

Tom takes Machtackle to his field and shows him the result of what happened earlier on that day. The field now has a large crater in it and it is so big that Machtackle decides that it would be best if they both went down to examine it. Machtackle surprises Tom by splitting into two separate robots - Mach and Tackle.

The two Cybertrons take a look around and think that it might have been water underneath the Earth the eroded away part of the land and caused it to collapse, although they can't be sure that it wasn't the Destrons who took part in this. They report in back to Star Saber and tell him that there were no casualties at the site, and that they will continue to investigate.

A short distance away, the Destrons are up to no good and were the cause of the problems. They've created a hydro energy plant which pretty much looks like a human made one on the outside, to try and stop the Cybertrons from finding them. As they turn water into energy, Drillhorn finds out that a couple of Cybertrons are nearby, but tells the others that they shouldn't find anything wrong with the plant. However Mach and Tackle aren't fooled at all as they see that there is no main road into the plant and that there doesn't seem to be any humans working there. They contact Star Saber.

The Destrons intercept Mach and Tackle's transmissions. Leozack has Hellbat, Jallguar and Killbison sent out to destroy them. Mach transforms and has Hellbat chase after him. Hellbat starts firing, and Mach has to dive down.

Hellbat ends up crashing into some trees, and he admits that he hates the jungle! Meanwhile, Jallguar is trying to find where Tackle sped off too, and keeps shooting around to try and flush him out. He ends up being on the receiving end of a surprise attack from Tackle.

As Mach finds Tackle, he sees that Jallguar has been taken care of. Tackle thinks Mach should be more careful when sending transmissions next time. Mach thinks he should not bother telling him things he already knows! Tackle thinks Mach is irresponsible!

Mach thinks next time they should try fighting with Tackle as the brains, but then Killbison appears. He starts firing missiles at them, so they run off and then decide to try combining. The two transform and unite into:


Killbison transforms and checks Tacklemach out, since he's never seen him before. Not that it matters, because he's going to flatten him! He whips out his electromagnetic nunchaku and swings it as Tacklemach, who just about manages to get out of the way in time.

Killbison then sends out his Breast Animal to attack, but it is stopped by Star Saber -he and Wingwaver have arrived! Star Saber picks up Bisonbreast and throws it back at Killbison, taking them both down.

The Cybertrons head to the base, and are shot at by the base's automated turret defenses. Inside the base, Leozack wants to seal off the entrance shaft, as if Star Saber gets in here it will all be over. Drillhorn doesn't want to do that, as Jallguar, Killbison and Hellbat are still outside and the two of them don't have enough power to fight off the Cybertrons. Leozack is more concerned over how angry Deszaras will be if they lose this energy. Meanwhile, outside, Star Saber decides that he, Mach and Wing will enter the base by dropping down from the sky.

They transforms and head up into the air, where they can't be shot at, and then dive down, entering the base through a warehouse. Leozack is about to shut the entrance shaft when he realises he is too late, as the Cybertrons are behind him! Drillhorn is about to shoot when Leozack tells him not to, as if they hit the generator they could destroy everything.

Leozack leaps up and attempts to stab Star Saber, but his weapon is destroyed. Wing and Mach team up to slam Drillhorn's face into a computer.

Unfortunately this action sets off the plant's self destruct sequence, leaving them all with just 100 seconds to get out before everything blows up. The two Destrons run past the Cybertrons and use an elevator to escape. Star Saber orders everyone out as the count down reaches zero and the base starts to blow up.

Star Saber, Wing and Mach make it out of the base, crashing through a hangar to escape. Seconds later the base explodes in a gigantic fireball, and when the smoke clears, there is nothing left other than a huge crater. Later on, Tom cashes in by showing people the crater, which is on some land he owns.

But before he can tell his story of how the crater came to be, lots of water suddenly rushes up and fills the crater within seconds. Tom thinks that his tourist business here is ruined, as Tackle tells Mach that he thinks that they should stick to transforming into Machtackle from now on as they work better that way. Tom then suddenly shouts out that he's already got a new idea, and that this area will now be used for him to get into fishing farming -surely he can make money that way!

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