The Cybertrons are on the look out for Destron activity, and the Multiforce have been sent out to patrol the world. Meanwhile, inside Shuttle Base, Braver is working on something and Holi and Jean want to know what it is. It is a device which can pick up the brain waves of the Destrons, which means they can tell where their enemies are over a small area. Some of the materials made to create it are quite rare, but it could come in handy. Star Saber learns about it and hopes Braver will be able to make more so they can put them in key locations across the planet.

Elsewhere, the Thunder Arrow is still under the sea, as Leozack makes excuses for why he has failed recently. Deszaras says anyone can talk, but only the results are important. Leozack has another new plan to get energy. Deszaras tells him that he should go and do it, if he has the ability.

In Japan, there is a energy resource and development laboratory where many resources from across the galaxy have been taken for research purposes. As the scientists inside work, one of them realises that his computer seems to be being hacked into!

He goes off to the data room, and finds a huge hole in the floor. Someone has entered the building, and he sees a shadow nearby. As he goes in for a closer look and demands to know who is there, a robotic bat appears.

The bat smashes through a wall, and the scientist runs up to the newly created hole. The bat is a Breast Animal, who transforms and returns to his master -the fifth member of the Breastforce, Hellbat!

Using his powers of hypnotism, he knocks the scientist out, but not before he manages to hit an alarm button. Hellbat runs and comes across some Cybertron and human troops. He fights them off.

One of the Cybertron troops fires, and Hellbat avoids hit shots. But the shot hit part of the lab, causing a large explosions. Hellbat uses his powers to take down all of his opponents, giving him the chance to transform to his jet mode and fly away.

Back inside Shuttle Base, Braver turns on his new device and sees that it has picked up a Destron already. He reports it to Star Saber, who has the Brainmasters sent out to intercept. The Cybertrons also find out about the lab fire, and the Rescue Team are sent out to assist.

Meanwhile Hellbat has met up with the other Breastforce members and greets Leozack, but is met with anger as the Breastforce leader isn't pleased that he blew it at the research lab. Now that Hellbat was seen at the base and that there has been an explosion, Leozack believes that the Cybertrons will have been contacted. So the only option they have is to just head back there and take all the research data by force.

The Cybertrons have already reached the complex and Holi's unit are fixing the place up. Star Saber gets some answers off two Cybertron guards, who tell him of a new Destron who uses hypnosis in battle. Braver reports in, saying that there are now five Destrons heading towards them, so Star Saber tells him to stop them from getting to the complex and to watch out for a new enemy.

Jean tells Ogaki, the head scientist, that everything will be OK now that Star Saber is here. Ogaki recognises Jean's name and realises that is he is the son of Professor Minakaze. He was friends with Jean's father and has known him since college. As Holi says that they've finished repairs, Jean tells him that Ogaki knew his Dad. Ogaki says that Jean's father provided many of the resources they are now working on.

Star Saber finds out from Ogaki that no valuable data was stolen by the Destrons. He transforms and heads off to help the other Brainmasters. Meanwhile, not far away from the lab, Blacker's group start their surprise attack.

Hellbat makes himself known to them -he's the Breastforce ace, and he's now their opponent! As Laster and Braver fight with everyone else, Hellbat uses his hypnosis powers on Blacker. He tries to put him to sleep, but Blacker stabs himself in the leg with his own sword to shake the effects off.

He then tries to slice Hellbat, but his sword is stopped by Koumoribreast, Hellbat's Breast Animal. The Koumoribreast attacks Blacker, using his tongue to lift him up into the air and starting to drain him of his energy. The other Breastforce members keep up their attack on Braver and Laster.

Braver manages to grab Killbison's guns and get them to fire at Blacker, breaking Koumoribreast's grip on him. Star Saber then arrives, and goes after Leozack. All of the Breastforce release their Breast Animals, and send them towards Star Saber.

They start to attack him and tear his jet mode apart, forcing him to transform to his smaller robot mode. He fights with Leozack, but Hellbat then steps in to help.

Using his hypnosis powers, he makes Star Saber kneel and gives Leozack the chance to kill him. Blacker sees this and thinks he can interfere with the Destron's brainwaves if he inverts the polarities of his Destron tracker machine. He gives it a go...

...and the Destrons hold their heads in pain. Braver holds his device up, causing the waves to cover the entire area. Star Saber transforms to his larger robot mode and takes down Leozack and Hellbat.

Leozack says they will settle this another day and retreats with Hellbat. The other Breastforce members also withdraw. Star Saber thanks Braver for what he did, as his brainwave machine was what saved him.

Leozack can't leave without doing something, and quickly heads back down towards the Brainmasters. He manages to snatch the device from Braver, telling him that he pushed his luck and got careless. As he leaves, Braver says that was the only one they had, but it will most likely be completed useless to the Destrons.

Inside the Thunder Arrow, Deszaras uses the device -on Leozack! He yells at him for failing to get the data, and bringing this useless weapon which only works on Destrons! He has the device destroyed and then tells them all to get out, as he will be busy devising their next plan. Hellbat thinks he could have done a better job that Leozack.

Later on, the Cybertrons all gather at the research complex. Ogaki thanks them all from stopping the Destrons and tells Jean that he'll work hard to honor his father. Jean promises to come here again, for fun next time, and Holi instantly asks if he can come too.


The Breastforce's Breast Animal partners usually have the English words for their names, such as Leozack's being the Lionbreast. However, Hellbat's is called the Koumoribreast. "Koumori" is the Japanese word for "Bat".

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