Transformers: The Movie has seen many releases on video, DVD and even Blu-ray over the years. This page takes a look at some of the more modern efforts.

Transformers: The Movie Reconstructed was released in the UK by Metrodome in 2005. The film had been remastered, featuring "more visible picture image than has ever been seen before!", as the back of the box says. A little too much visible picture, as there are some shots showing things you weren't meant to see, such as when the Quintesson ship lands on the Planet of Junk, parts of the ship keep disappearing near the bottom. The remaster is also inconsistent, as certain scenes look better than others. The sound quality is also poor, and many sound effects were changed for no reason. There are many extras on this DVD, some decent (the promo trailer, the first episode of "The Headmasters") others not so decent (color checks). Overall, this version is one to avoid. Metrodome would redeem themselves a couple of years later.

Sony BGM released a 20th anniversary DVD in America in 2006. It contains 2 discs, one featuring a widescreen version of the movie, the other featuring a fullscreen version. The widescreen version is remastered, and both DVDs have lots of special features on them. There is a commentary track from Nelson Shin, Flint Dille and Susan Blu, some commercials, Scramble City: Mobilization (without any audio) and more.

After their poor 2005 release, Metrodome tried again in 2007. Transformers: The Movie Ultimate Edition got just about everything right. Coming on 2 discs, disc one features a remastered version of the film, whilst the second disc featured a fullscreen version. Extra include a poor version of Scramble City: Mobilization, trailers (including the promo trailer), an interview with Flinte Dille, a Q & A session with Peter Cullen, storyboards and more. This version was also available on a single disc, which only contains the movie -no extras are included.

Madman Entertainment have released the movie twice on DVD in Australia -their first release was in 2003, but another version was released in 2007. The 2007 version is meant to be the better of the two, from what I've read. It features a lot of the same content as Metrodome's 2007 release, but it also has some extra stuff such as the music video for "The Touch".

Metrodome were the first company to release the movie on Blu-ray, which came out in the UK in October 2007. Reviews seem to be mixed on the quality of this version, and having never seen it myself, I can't comment. I do know that this version has no extra features at all.

Madman Entertainment released the film on Blu-ray in Australia in 2009. Reviews state that the video quality is really good, and it has lots of special features, so it currently looks like this is the best Blu-ray option.