A young boy runs from a crowd and ends up crashing straight into Guile. One man says that the kid stole his wallet, and demands Guile to get out of the way. Guile refuses, so the man picks up a bottle and smashes it. Before he can do any serious damage with it Guile does a sonic boom on him ...

... which hits him and his wallet falls out as he lands. The man picks it up, makes up an excuse that he put it in the wrong pocket or something, then him and the crowd walk away.

Guile and the kid go to a diner where Guile buts a large meal. The waitress hands him the bill, and Guile notices that the SF logo is on it meaning he's needed. He says bye to the kid, gives him a load of money, and tells him to call his parents.

Guile meets up with Escher and the two watch footage of a fighting tournament being held in India. The thing is, it is believed that some of the fighters in this tournament are actually Shadowloo thugs. Guile and a team of Street Fighters are being entered to try and find out what the deal is.

The Street Fighter team has arrived in India and Blanka has decided to visit a temple so he can meditate. He thinks about his past and remembers when he was still a normal human, but that all changed when Shadowloo captured him. He was changed by Dhalsim...

...and turned into a monster. Back in the present, Chun-Li walks over to him and checks if he is OK. He says that it is difficult to forget what Bison made Dhalsim do to him, and that he is a monster now. Chun-Li tries to comfort him and then says that the tournament is about to start, so they can go and kick some Shadowloo butt together.

Meanwhile Bison, in a hidden area of the tournament arena, gloats that he will be able to crush the Street Fighters once and for all. A captured scientist is helping him continue Dhalsim's research, but just to make sure he will remain loyal Bison has put a bomb bracelet on his ankle which Bison can detonate at any time. As Bison walks off, something is being created in one of the cryotubes.

The tournament has begun and Chun-Li finds herself up against Sodom. She uses her spinning bird kick to knock him back and then flings him out of the ring by throwing a fireball at him.

Bison hears a lot of noise in the lab and runs in to find that the doctor's work is done -there are now three mutants on the rampage. They are busy fighting each other but they stop when Bison enters. Bison is able to command them and is happy with the results. He's going to use them to fight the Street Fighters. The mutants happily start hugging each other rather than killing each other.

Back at the tournament, Blanka is fighting Guy whilst Guile takes on Birdie. Guile defeats Birdie by using his flash kick whilst Blanka beats Guy, meaning the two of them will be moving on to the next stage.

Bison is still really impressed with his new mutants, even though they have resumed fighting among themselves and are basically trashing the place. The doctor thinks they are evil and they must be destroyed, but Bison says that these three will be the ones who destroy Guile and the other Street Fighters.

Chun-Li and Cammy are fighting each other, but secretly they have already decided on which one of them is going to win. After an exchange of several attacks, Chun-Li throws her opponent out of the ring but Cammy let her do that deliberately. Elsewhere, at the temple Blanka was at earlier...

...Ryu and Ken have arrived. Ryu says that it is a place of worship and bows before a statue. Ken thinks this is stupid but also does it just to shut Ryu up. They go back outside, unaware that they are being filmed. Outside they find their Street Fighter buddies celebrating the various victories they had today as a large crowd cheers for them, but again, nobody is aware that they are being filmed.

Balrog is the one filming them and he's doing it for a reason. He tells Bison that the tape he is making will be ready shortly. It is all part of a plan to make the people hate the Street Fighters.

The next morning the tournament resumes. Ryu and Ken fight against Guile and Blanka in a two on two battle, but the karate masters end up losing and are taken beneath the arena by a hidden platform. Chun-Li is brought up and she, Guile and Blanka celebrate before the crowd.

Ken is moaning about how their fight was rigged but Ryu thinks Ken was just a bad fighter. Back at the arena, the lights suddenly go out and everyone wonders what is going on. Bison's three mutants are brought up on the platform as the lights come back on. Surprisingly the crowd aren't horrified by their appearance and instead go wild.

The mutants instantly start to fight Guile and the others. Bison watches what is going on and is pleased to see Guile being thrown around, finding it delicious. Balrog asks if he needs the tapes he made any more but Bison tells him not to get rid of them yet, not until he sees those Street Fighters pummeled to dust. Which should be any moment now.



Back in the arena, the Street Fighters aren't fairing that well against the mutants. Blanka says that their opponents are somehow the work of Dhalsim, but Guile is more interested in saving their own lives before trying to figure out where these new mutants came from. He throws a sonic boom.

It hits his opponent but has little effect. Guile instead decides to create a distraction, so he and Chun-Li use their projectiles to take out the lighting above the ring. It falls down all over the arena and gives them a chance to run, whilst the dim-witted mutants just stand there.

The mutants get crushed as Chun-Li asks what those things were. Blanka explains that they are created from the worst research Dhalsim did, but someone must have taken his work and reused it. Bison sees that his mutants are gone and is understandably angry as a result. He decides to go for his B plan and takes the tape from Balrog. Meanwhile the Street Fighters are celebrating again when...

...up on the arena TV screens, a video is played of Guile, Blanka and Chun-Li entering the temple and destroying the sacred relics inside it. When the crowds see this video they get angry. Since there is no way they can get past all these people through the normal exits, Guile creates a new one by throwing a sonic boom into the ring's floor and the three of them jump down the hole mae by it.

They meet up with the rest of the team before heading outside, donning simple disguises. Guile knows that Bison is behind this but they'll have to go back to that temple to find out how he did it. Cammy, Chun-Li, Ryu and Ken create a distraction so the crowds go after them, which lets Guile and Blanka get to the temple unnoticed.

They (somehow) find Bison's secret HQ in it. The scientist guy comes running and tells them to leave now -Bison is going to blow this place up, and he intends to detonate the explosives anklet wrapped round his ankle to do it. Blanka says he can get that off whilst Guile goes into the control room and sees the edited video footage of himself, Blanka and Chun-Li.

Blanka uses his electricity to get the anklet off, but it is still active and can still explode. Guile takes it and starts to run. Blanka gets the scientist to send out a message to the people, explaining that the Street Fighters have been framed and that Bison was the one behind it. The video then (somehow) shows Guile running with the anklet.

Guile gets to a safe place and throws the anklet upwards before using his flash kick to destroy it. It explodes in an absolutely massive fireball, which sends shockwaves. And wouldn't you know it, the helicopter Bison and Balrog were escaping in gets caught in the blast. But rather than crashing, the helicopter just kind of stutters a bit and continues to fly. Bison manages to get away once again.

With their names cleared, the Street Fighters have completed their mission but they see what the new thing in the fighting scene is: caged matches. None of them are that bothered though and they all walk off.


This episode has cameo appearances by other Street Fighter characters. Adon, Rose, Sodom, Guy and Birdie can all be spotted. All these characters except Adon will make appearances in future episodes, only they actually get to speak.

This is the only episode Balrog appears in. Unlike the live action movie, he is a bad guy in this cartoon.

Sodom is not drawn correctly in this episode, as you can see his face. His face should be covered completely by his mask.

When Escher shows Guile the tournament footage, there is a crowd shot. Rolento, Carlos and Maki from Final Fight 2 make brief cameos.

Later on, there is another crowd shot where almost the entire cast of the original Final Fight appear.

The three mutants are taken to the ring platform in a large container. Said container has the Capcom logo on it.

Last time Chun-Li threw out fireballs, she actually said "Fireball!" when doing the movie. In this episode she says nothing.

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