Belger, the leader of the Mad Gear gang, isn't happy when he finds out that one of their operations has been shut down by Haggar, the new mayor of Metro City. Belger says that the city belongs to him and it is time the new mayor was reminded of that fact. He tells his subordinate Rolento to put "Plan Jessica" into action.

Meanwhile Jessica is dining alone at one of the better restaurants of Metro City, but almost as soon as she sits down at a table, Damnd throws in a smoke bomb to trick everyone into thinking that there is a fire. The waiter suggests using the elevator but Jessica says it's too dangerous, and that they should get up to the roof.

They do so and Jessica uses a mobile phone to try and call her father, but Rolento appears and smacks the phone out of her hand. He and an El Gado kidnap her and fly her out in a helicopter. Meanwhile, in a warehouse...

...a street fight is taking place as Guy, master of Bushin, takes on what appears to be a rip-off of the Incredible Hulk. As the fight goes on, Ryu and Ken are in the gathered crowds. Ryu explains about the Bushin style but Ken doesn't seem that impressed and he reckons he could beat Guy any day.

Guy beats his opponent but as he steps out of the ring he gets thrown a phone. Ken wants to fight Guy, but Guy explains that he has just had a call from his friend, Cody, explaining that Cody's girlfriend has been kidnapped. Ryu says that him and Ken will help out too. Meanwhile, Haggar receives a call...

...from Belger, who says they want his co-operation if he wants his daughter back. Meanwhile, Cody is going nuts at some cops who have been sent to the scene of the crime, and his temper gets worse when Ken appears. Apparently they are friends, but when they went to a rock concert recently Ken tried to hit on Jessica. Ken is making fun of this fact when Guy and Ryu calm the situation down and try to decide what to do, since the cops have no idea where Jessica is.

They head to a Street Fighter base to ask Escher for ideas and Haggar goes along with them. Haggar explains that the Mad Gear gang have run Metro City for years, but when he became the mayor he vowed to put a stop to it. But now the gang has his daughter, he can't do anything. Escher has a plan and says that Ryu and Ken will go undercover to try and infiltrate the gang and find Jessica. Cody bursts in demanding to know what is going on and even stating that he'll wreck the city until he finds Jessica, but Escher says the Mad Gears know he is Jessica's boyfriend so he should stay back for now and let Ken and Ryu deal with it.

Later on, Damnd gets a subway train to stop when he cuts out the power to it (by literally shoving a live wire into his mouth, try that one at home kids). He and an Andore head into the train and beat up one passenger before telling the others to hand over their valuables. Before that can happen though, Ken and Ryu, now in disguise, appear and knock Damnd down, They tell Damnd that they want to join the Mad Gear gang.

They've heard that if you beat a Mad Gear member, you get to join the gang. Damnd tells Andore to crush and he and Andore try to fight Ryu and Ken. Ryu takes down Damnd with a kick and then teams up with Ken to deal with Andore.

Ryu and Ken get taken to Rolento, who says that although they managed to defeat two Mad Gear members, it only earns them the chance to take on the final test. He knocks them into a pit where the final test awaits: Sodom! Rolento tells the pair that if they can beat Sodom, then they can join the Mad Gear gang.

Sodom puts up a decent fight and twirls Ken around his head, but Ken gets him to let go by throwing a fireball into his face. As Sodom charges at them, Ken sweeps him and Ryu then uses a flying knee move to finish him off. Rolento admits that the two of them are tough and that they are in the gang. All they need to do is follow his orders and they'll get along just fine.

Meanwhile Cody grows impatient and says he should have been the one to try and get into the Mad Gears, not Ryu and Ken. Guy explains to him again that the Mad Gears know who he is so it would never work. Nobody in Metro City knows who Ryu or Ken are so they should be able to get in. Suddenly they see some smoke in the distance and Haggar says that it is a signal -Ryu and Ken are in the gang. However as soon as Cody hears this he runs out. Haggar tells Guy to follow him and he does, only to see him get on a bike and speed off. Guy gets on another bike and follows him.

Meanwhile the fire was at the place Ryu and Ken were at. They started it but didn't get seen doing so and Rolento is clueless to how it happened. But it doesn't matter as they have a ob to do tonight and he tells Ryu and Ken to get in a van with him. The van speeds off, but Cody happens to notice it and gives chase. Meanwhile, Haggar gets a second video call from Belger.

He shows Jessica tied up to a chair and tells Haggar that a shipment of diamonds worth ten million dollars arrived in Metro City this morning. The Mad Gear gang are going to go and collect them and if Haggar knows what is good for his daughter, he'll keep a short leash on the cops. Haggar responds by throwing a chair into his TV. Later on, the Mad Gears arrive at the diamond exchange and start to rob the place, but even though an alarm is going off, no cops arrive to try and stop them.

Cody is watching what is going on when Guy shows up. Guy tries to convince Cody to let Ryu and Ken save Jessica, but Cody doesn't want to leave Jessica's fate in Ken's hands and when he sees the Mad Gears leave, he rushes off to follow them. Guy once again goes after Cody. Meanwhile the Mad Gears return to a tall building and drop off the diamonds. Rolento tells Ryu and Ken that the boss always meets the new guys, so he takes them upstairs.

Rolento shoves them into a room and they meet Belger. He asks them what they think of his operation but Ken wants to know who the girl is. Belger laughs and just says she is one of his many little insurance policies. Meanwhile, Cody sees that Ryu and Ken are with Belger, but more importantly, he can see Jessica. Guy tells him to wait and for them to plan what they do first before they do anything....

...but Cody would rather just rush in and does exactly that. He runs towards the main doors and immediately gets into a fight with Rolento. Guy joins him but Rolento starts to literally run circles around them and then shoves them both back.

He then uses grenades to try and blast them out of the streets, but he keeps throwing them, Guy manages to pick some up, juggles them and then throw them back at him. Rolento isn't quick/smart enough to try and move out of the way and they explode, getting part of the building to collapse...

...and fall on top of him. Belger meanwhile is saying how much he likes his new gang members, especially Ken. Ryu thinks that the two probably have a lot in common but they then hear something above them as the ceiling breaks and down jump Cody and Guy!

They free Jessica just as Belger fires some missiles from his chair. They miss and destroy part of a wall and some El Gados appear to see what is going on. Ryu and Ken say they'll hold them off and they shove them back before getting into a fight with them all.

Meanwhile, Belger's lasers and the speed of his chair are making him very difficult to hit, and he then blows apart a table Cody, Guy and Jessica were hiding behind. Belger manages to grab Jessica and says that he'll kill her if they get any closer.

As usual, Cody ignores rational thought and just does a flying kick. Jessica manages to free herself as Cody hits Belger, sending him backward, toward a broken window. Haggar kicks down the door and is glad to see his daughter is safe.

However, Belger also sees him enter the room, and fires off one last rocket at him and his daughter. Guy manages to deflect the missile with a kick, sending it out of their way and exploding on a wall. By firing the rocket, Belger's chair moves backwards slightly...and he falls out the window!

However, whilst the chair doesn't survive, Belger does thanks to a pole on the side of the building. Ken and Ryu high five for another mission completed as Jessica heads over for her hero. Ken thinks she means him but he is surprised to see her go for Cody. What does she see in that blunder head?

Ryu tells him that it is the qualities he doesn't see -such as discipline, justice comitment...sound familiar? Cody thanks Ken for what he has done and says he really is the best. Ken says no long as somebody gets the girl.


If you somehow don't know this, Final Fight is a scrolling beat 'em up series by Capcom that was popular in the late '80s/early '90s. Some of the Final Fight characters appeared in the Street Fighter Alpha games, hence this cross-over episode. The plot of this episode very loosely follows the plot of the original Final Fight game.

When Damnd throws a smoke bomb into the restaurant, there is a shot of some guy getting caught on a hook and dragged back into the smoke. You never see who it is who takes him, what they do with him, nothing.

This episode is an unlockable bonus feature in Final Fight Double Impact, a downloadable game for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The video quality isn't that good though.

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