"Welcome! This is Stan Lee of Marvel Comics warning you to look around you, your class-mates, your friends, you never know which one of them may be a mutant. A person born with strange and wondrous powers. Now some mutants, like the X-men, use their special gifts for good! But then there are the terrorist mutants, who plan to destroy the human race!"

And one of those terrorist mutants is being transported to a detention center. This mutant is Magneto and he is restrained inside a truck, where an army Colonel comments that mutants shouldn't be allowed to live on the same planet as normal humans.

Magneto tells him that as soon as he and the brotherhood of evil mutants are done, there will be no humans left on the planet. The Colonel gets angry with his words but before he can do anything the truck suddenly stops. One soldier reports that the convoy is sinking! The Colonel doesn't understand as there is no quicksand around here but nobody realises that the entire thing is an illusion from a woman known as the White Queen.

The soldiers all run off and the White Queen ends her tricks, revealing that the vehicles are actually fine. Yelling that Magneto's deliverance is at hand, she throws an energy bolt at the truck. This disrupts the forcefield around Magneto and he quickly breaks it, leaving him free to get rid of the Colonel.

The Colonel is dumped outside where a soldier asks him if he is OK. He says that as long as that murderous mutant is around, none of them are going to be alright!

The next morning, a taxi drops off Kitty Pryde at the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. She asks the driver to wait for her but he refuses, saying that this place gives him the creeps. As she watches him go she says it also creeps her out and reads a letter sent to her. Whoever wrote it states that he knows she has a special power -"phasing", which lets her move through solid objects. Kitty walks into the school where a man in a wheelchair greets her.

This man is Professor Charles Xavier, or Professor X as he is also known. However he's actually a mental projection to Kitty, and this mental image of the Professor tells her to follow him. Along the way he explains that he and the ones who have joined him are known as the X-Men! Kitty sees the real Professor in a control room. Kitty wants to know how the Professor knew about her phasing power as she hasn't told anyone about it, not even her parents. Xavier shows her a computer he uses called Cerebro. This computer can detect any mutant activity on Earth.

Kitty reacts badly to this, saying that what she thought is true -she is a mutant...a freak. Xavier says that is far from this case and as Kitty says she is confused and scared, he tells her that they all were at one point. He decides to introduce her to the others and takes her to another room, known as the Danger Room. They are in the control room for it, but the actual Danger Room itself is a place where the X-Men can practice their skills.

First up is Scott Summers -or Cyclops as he is better known to them. He can shoot powerful beams of pure energy from his eyes.

Meanwhile Piotr Rsuptin is running through a tomb full od traps, when it gets to much for any normal human to survive. This is where he reveals his metallic armour which completely covers his skin and allows him to take a battering from the slabs which keep trying to crush him without harm. He is known as Colossus.

Elsewhere Alison Blaire, better known as Dazzler, is under attack from plant monsters until she destroys one by shooting it. Xavier explains to Kitty that Dazzler can transform sound into powerful bolts of light.

Kitty is then shocked to see a mutant with blue skin. Xavier says that this is Nightcrawler, a mutant who can teleport. A statue is attacking Nightcrawler but he confuses it by repeatedly teleporting around. As it stumbles, Logan, the mutant known as Wolverine, appears.

Wolverine has razor sharp claws made from a metal called Adamantium -the claws are so powerful they are meant to be able to slice through anything known to man. As Wolverine rips apart the statue, Xavier introduces Kitty to the last mutant -Storm. Storm is able to control the weather, a power nobody has been able to fully understand on how she does it.

Finally Xavier reveals his power -he can read other people's minds. He tells Kitty not to worry though as he doesn't use his gift recklessly. He then tells the X-Men to come up to where he is so he can introduce them all to Kitty. The Danger Room is deactivated, revealing the setting the team were training in was created by advanced holographic technology. Nightcrawler decides he's rather teleport up to where they are and does so, but his appearance startles Kitty.

He wants to say hello but Kitty gets freaked out and accidentally phases through the Danger Room's computer. Thankfully Colossus catches her as the Professor explains over a loud speaker about Kitty and her mutant ability.

Wolverine is less than impressed however and hopes she isn't joining the X-Men team -she's just a kid! Storm yells at him for not giving her a chance as she is scared now, as anyone would be if they just discovered they were a mutant. She then creates a storm cloud over his head which shuts him up.

Suddenly an alarm goes off as Cyclops says that this is a red alert. Soon he and the X-Men are onboard their aircraft, but not far away Magneto and Juggernaut are watching. Kitty has to stay behind with the Professor as the X-Men take off. Magneto watches them depart.

With the X-Men out of the way they are free to attack and Juggernaut charges towards the mansion, with Magneto behind him. Xavier's school has an automated defense system which opens fire on the two invaders, but it has little effect. Inside, Xavier explains to Kitty that these two are Magneto, the master of magnetism, and Juggernaut, Xavier's own step-brother. They are enemies of the X-Men. Juggernaut reaches the front gate and batters it down.

Kitty moves away from the monitors but accidentally partly phases through a computer, scrambling the circuits which power the defenses. This makes it even easier for the bad guys to gain access to the school and Juggernaut soon smashes through the main entrance. Xavier uses his power to read Magneto's mind and he realises his enemy wants Cerebro's mutant power circuit.

Xavier removes the circuit and gives it to Kitty. Just then Juggernaut and Magneto smash down a wall. Juggernaut wants to know why Charles isn't happy to see him, but the Professor explains that whilst he is always welcome to his home, it is the choice of his friends he has to question. Magneto then sees Kitty with the circuit and demands she hand it over now, or she can suffer later.

Whilst Juggernaut sees to his dear step-brother, Magneto goes after Kitty. She runs off but he follows her, saying that normal humans hate her and that she should join up with him. Kitty comes to a dead end but she says she will never side with Magneto -she knows that humans and mutants can co-exist. As she is talking though Magneto uses his power to command metal objects by shocking Kitty with some wires. This causes her to drop the circuit and then phase through the floor. Magneto picks up the circuit.

"The world is mine."

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