In the UK, Digital Video Dreams released three DVDs, which have four episodes each on them. This means that one episode isn't available, and that episode is the second one, "Sting of the Scorpion". This is because either they didn't want to do more than 4 episodes per disc, or there may have been a licensing problem as that episode does feature some music which is no used in any other episode. The DVDs have the English and French audio tracks for each episode. The episodes for each disc are in a random order:

Kombat Begins Again: Contains episodes 1, 10, 6 and 12.

The Secret of Quan Chi: Contains episodes 8, 3, 5 and 7.

Overthrown: Contains episodes 13, 4, 11 and 9.

There are some DVD doublepacks of the series also available, such as one which combines Overthrown and Kombat Begins Again onto one double-sided DVD. All of these DVDs are region free.

In Australia, the entire series has been released on DVD. In total there are 6 volumes, most of which contain two episodes each. The exception to this is the first volume, which contains three episodes. Unlike the UK DVDs, the episodes are in order. Thanks to Total Mortal Kombat for the box shots.