The Legend of the Hawaiian Slammers is a single episode cartoon which was originally released in 1994. I didn't get to see it until 2012, and the only reason I found out about it was thanks to Flying Omelette (thanks! I think...). Posted in a thread about some of the worst cartoons ever, this one stood out to me just from the sheer ridiculousness of the concept: a cartoon about Pogs.

I remember Pogs back when I was in junior school, and I remember that they didn't last long as a fad -I think they managed to be popular for about a year until everyone decided collecting football stickers was cooler. But when they were the "in" thing, I don't think I ever recall there being Pogs about Sun Slammers and Shadow Slammers. The plot for The Legend of the Hawaiian Slammers just seems thrown together in the most absurd way possible, but then it was still probably the best way the writers could have come up with to make a cartoon about Pogs interesting.