Jotaro's group cannot move. The desert is very hot and uncomfortable, but if anyone makes the slightest sound, Geb, the Stand of N'Dour, will attack them. However Polnareff is getting fed up of being stuck on this box, and asks what the plan is. Abdul makes all kinds of hand signals to make him be quiet.

However Polnareff misinterprets these as a plan Abdul is coming up with. Joseph sums up Polnareff perfectly: "What an idiot!" Some distance away, N'Dour waits, and knows where every person and object landed. It is no use for them to be quiet now. Not that Polnareff is being quiet anyway -he wants to know what they are going to do, surely they can't just not move and not talk until they die!

"Give me a break!"

Polnareff starts to get into an argument with Abdul, but then everyone falls silent when Geb appears, and smashes apart a couple of cargo boxes. These boxes are behind Polnareff and N'Dour realises that he must have just hit some cargo. Polnareff sees more boxes go behind him, and tries to reach out to the trailer so he can get in it. Geb slowly moves closer and closer towards him.

Polnareff jumps off the box just as Geb smashes through it. He is alright, but lands on the sand. N'Dour says he doesn't know who it is who just landed, but they'll be the first to die.

But before he makes his next move, he then realises that he can hear footsteps. What he doesn't realise is that these footsteps are actually created from the sound of Abdul throwing some of the rings he has on his arms. N'Dour hears 5 steps and knows that whoever it is is trying to walk quietly, but he can hear them.

Abdul has a plan: his ring tossing will have sounded like footsteps to the Stand user, and as soon as the Stand is sent in to attack the place where the user thinks an enemy is, he'll evaporate the Stand with his own. Sure enough, Geb starts to appear around the fifth ring. As it does, N'Dour suddenly realises something is wrong, why would this guy only take 5 steps? Why didn't he go any further?

Abdul summons Magician's Red, and has his Stand attack the fifth ring. N'Dour has realised what is going to happen, and has Geb move out of the way. Geb slices through Red Magician, before smashing back into the sand and vanishing. N'Dour did not escape injury -he has been burned on his arm. He thinks that that was a good trick, and he'll pay more attention to the sounds. That must have been Abdul who attacked him.

Abdul has been hit worse though, as a wound opens up on his neck. He falls down and Joseph calls out his name, but then realises this was a huge mistake -he just made a very loud sound!

The truck suddenly starts to sink. N'Dour uses Geb to create quicksand, and is going to pull the truck under the desert, along with anyone still inside it. Joseph can't get out and the others know he'll die in a matter of seconds.

Jotaro gets up and tells Polnareff to look after Kakyoin. Before he can be stopped, he runs off, heading up a dune. N'Dour hears him and is certain that this time, it really is someone running. Based on the stride he can tell the person's height, and knows it is around 195cms. It could be Joseph, but the pace is youthful and energetic, so it must be Jotaro.

The water around Joseph disappears, and he is no longer in danger. He and Polnareff watch as Jotaro runs. N'Dour has heard that Jotaro's Star Platinum is the strongest Stand of them all, so Dio will be pleased with him if he kills Jotaro now. Jotaro is running in this direction for a reason: Iggy. He picks the dog up and then stops.

N'Dour knows that Jotaro has stopped, but it sounded like he picked up something before he did. He realises that he must have picked up the dog -he knows what the dog can do for him! Jotaro tells Iggy that he jumped off the truck before Geb attacked them. He must be able to smell it! He slams Iggy down into the ground and says he needs the dog to show him where the Stand user is, otherwise they're both going to die. And he has no gum for him this time.

Iggy's ears prick up and he seems to have found the Stand user, but then there is an explosion in the sand nearby. The explosion shoots towards Jotaro, causing him to drop Iggy.

The explosion is a result of Iggy summoning The Fool, who reveals a large set of wings. Jotaro leaps up and grabs onto Iggy, just as N'Dour attacks with his Stand. His attack misses, and now he's confused on to where exactly Jotaro is. He is sure he just jumped, so why hasn't he landed?

Joseph checks on Abdul and tells Polnareff he will be alright, the wound he has isn't serious. They see Jotaro flying with Iggy and his Stand, but then realise that The Fool cannot actually fly -it is gliding, and is dropping in altitude. Jotaro knows they are going to hit the ground before the get to the Stand user, and he has no choice other than to use his own Stand to hit the ground and kick off it, so they can get a lot of height.

They are soon high in the air, but Jotaro knows that that kick he just had to make will work against them, as the Stand user will surely figure out that they are flying. N'Dour has realised just that, and knows that Jotaro is heading his way. He must kill him before he can get too close. He sends Geb in the direction of the sound Jotaro's kick made. Jotaro sees the Stand, and knows it took down the Speed Wagon helicopter earlier. But that was making noise, whilst The Fool is not. There is no way that Stand can accurately pinpoint them.

Jotaro then notices something in the distance, and by using his own Stand, he can see some rocks with a man sat by them. They are not that far away from him, and it seems that their enemy is a blind man.

Jotaro then notices that grains of sand are blowing all over them. He then sees how this is happening: the Stand keeps hitting the sand at full force, causing lots of sand to be blown up into the air. This sand is hitting The Fool, which makes noise! Jotaro knows what his enemy is doing.

N'Dour knows full well what he's doing, and says he's got Jotaro now! He knows exactly where he is. He has Geb attack, but Star Platinum tries to punch the water. Geb avoids the punch at the last moment, and cuts into Jotaro's neck.

Geb bursts out of the sand, and acts like a bomb. It explodes, sending piercing drops of water all over Jotaro and The Fool.

This is enough to worry Iggy into saving himself, and he tries to get Jotaro off him. The Fool descends rapidly, and Jotaro's legs hit the sand. N'Dour hears this and just laughs, as he believes the dog must be trying to sacrifice Jotaro just to save itself.

He has Geb wait not far in front of Jotaro, but Jotaro has a new plan. Star Platinum grabs Iggy, and throws him as hard as he can, straight towards N'Dour.

N'Dour realises Jotaro just threw something at him, what was it?! Jotaro says he threw Iggy -and if the two of them don't summon their Stands to protect themselves, they'll hit each other. N'Dour calls back his Stand just in time, as The Fool collides with Geb.

N'Dour says how close he was to finishing Jotaro off, but then realises that he no longer knows where Jotaro even is. He tries to figure out his position, but where is he? It seems Jotaro is no longer moving. Is this part of his plan?

He then realises that Jotaro is actually directly behind him. He didn't realise he could have gotten so close, and if hadn't have had this water shield around him, he could have killed him from behind. He says he doesn't need his cane to detect sound any more, but he will need it when he goes back home. He drops his cane and lets it fall over.

The moment the cane hits the sand is the moment N'Dour sends his Stand to attack, but Star Platinum also attacks. Jotaro's Stand hits N'Dour, whilst Geb misses Jotaro.

Geb does managed to take Jotaro's hat off, but that's all. N'Dour has been defeated and Jotaro tells him nobody takes off his hat, not even when he's underwater. He also says that the wound he has given him was not fatal.

But Geb suddenly pierces through N'Dour's head, fatally wounding him. Jotaro asks why he would do that to himself. N'Dour knows Jotaro would want to ask him about the Stand users they've yet to face, including Dio.

Jotaro wants to know why he'd be willing to die for Dio. He says he has never feared death, and thanks to his Stand, he has never felt feat since he was a child. Even though he was blind, he did not let that stop him. He could win any fight and doing this such as killing meant nothing to him. But then he met Dio. A man so strong, wise, great and beautiful, and the first man who saw a purpose to his existence. N'Dour had waited his entire life to meet this man.

He isn't afraid of death, but he does not want Dio to be disappointed in him. Even the evil ones need an evil savior. He finally tells Jotaro his own name, and the name of his Stand. He says that Geb is one of the nine great Gods of Egypt. Jotaro wants to know more about them, but N'Dour refuses. His hand drops to the floor, and he dies.

Jotaro buries N'Dour. He says that he was a man with such pride...if only they could have met him before he had met Dio. Dio must have such great power -he controls people like a cult. What kind of man is he?

Iggy then starts growling. Jotaro tells him it's all in the past, and he isn't mad at him for trying to save himself earlier. He understands he must be angry for being taken to a desert and thrown into some human fight. He throws the dog some gum. Iggy takes the gum and runs off.

Jotaro watches Iggy run away from him. He thinks he's a pain in the ass, and he can stay in this desert forever for all he cares. But then Iggy comes back, and has retrieved Jotaro's hat. Jotaro thinks the dog might not be that bad after all, until he puts his hat on and pulls off a load of coffee-flavored gum.

Iggy just laughs, but then the two hear a noise. In the distance, the rest of the group are on the way. They've got the truck repaired and head towards Jotaro and Iggy.

"Give me a break..."

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