The Cybertron Headmasters can only watch the large explosion until it dies down. Once it has, they see that Sixshot and the other Destrons are gone. However, Blanker, Crosshairs and Sureshot are still there, but something strange has happened: they suddenly have new weapons attached on their wrists. Chromedome gets the other Headmasters to gather them up and take them inside Fortress' ship.

Fortress returns to Cybertron City on Earth, and repair work begins on his ship. Blanker and the others recover, and it is revealed that the new weapons they have are three of the robots from the ship which exploded. They can now transform into weapons, and they are known as "Targetmasters". Blanker also reveals that he, Sureshot and Crosshairs can understand what their Targetmaster partners are saying via telepathy. Fortress says that as soon as Maximus is repaired, they will be heading to planet Master. Daniel manages to convince his father to let him go with the Cybertrons.


The Horrortrons, Clonetrons, Terrortrons and Animatrons are all at work fighting against Master's defense force, and are easily winning. Sixshot reports to Scorponok that Battleship Maximus has suffered major damage and the repairs will take some time. Scorponok is pleased, as not only is his main enemy out of action, but the Destrons have also got some new allies.

Triggerhappy, Slugslinger and Misfire appear, showing that they all have Targetmaster partners also. Scorponok says that he knows Fortress will want to occupy planet Master.

The repairs to Battleship Maximus have been completed, and is already on the way to Master. On the bridge, the Cybertron Headmasters discuss what Scorponok could be doing on Master, and Hardhead thinks he intends to build a base there. Chromedome thinks there is more to it than that. Elsewhere, Blanker tells Daniel and Wheelie that they are professional soldiers -they won't let the Destrons take over Master. They have been through many battles, and are now even stronger thanks to their new Targetmasters partners.

The Cybertron Headmasters walk into the room, still talking about Scorponok. Blanker says he's heard of the Cybertron Headmasters, but he isn't impressed. He actually thinks they are weak. Hardhead says that they're all aces and they don't take insults from the likes of him. Blanker says this is why he thinks he is weak -his short temper.

Chromedome asks if Blanker has come here to take command. Blanker says he is misunderstanding what he is trying to tell them, but at that point Chromedome and the other Headmasters walk away. Chromedome asks Hardhead if he has any idea to what Blanker is going on about, and Hardhead says no. Blanker thinks they are all still too young.

Back on Master, the Destron Targetmasters enter the battle, and disable a large gun emplacement. As the Destron Headmasters move in to destroy it, there are still two robots inside. One of them says they must leave, but the other, Jack, wants to try and get the lasers working again.

However the gun emplacement begins to fall apart, and the rubble falls over him. Just then Battleship Maximus arrives, and the Cybertron Headmasters enter the battle. But Blanker and his team also join in, jumping down off the ship and transforming into their car modes.

The two sides fight against each other, but the Cybertrons begin to overpower the Destrons, mainly because of Blanker's team making mincemeat of everything they come across. Scorponok has been watching the battle and thinks his side are useless. He orders them to retreat, as he sinks MegaZarak beneath the sand.

Fortress praises the Cybertron Targetmasters, although Hardhead remains unimpressed. With the residents of Master safe for now, some of the Cybertron Headmaster's old friends come out to say hi. Nearby, Jack clears the rubble off him and stumbles out, but Chromedome sees him. Jack falls over, so Chromedome takes him inside Battleship Maximus to be repaired.

When Jack recovers, Chromedome explains to Daniel and Wheelie that Jack is an old friend who he met before he became a Headmaster. But Jack doesn't seem to recognise Chromedome, even when he transforms to his smaller robot mode. Jack just says he must return home as he has work to do. Chromedome catches up with him. Jack says the reason he gave Chromedome the cold shoulder is because he is jealous of him. Chromedome got to become a Headmaster, and became strong. Whilst Jack tried to also become one, he failed in the training. Chromedome tells him that he became a great scientist instead -this planet would still be nothing but desert if it wasn't for him.

Chromedome says that he does not think he is any more evolved that Jack just because he is a Headmaster, and if he doubts himself like this again, he'll give him a good kicking! Jack stops being a jerk and says he missed Chromedome. Down below, Blanker has seen everything, and still thinks Chromedome is too soft. Meanwhile, inside the hidden MegaZarak, Sixshot has come up with a plan, and starts to implement it by changing his form.

Chromedome says he has a strategy meeting to attend, so he'll meet with Jack again later. He runs off, and Jack is about to do the same, but then he hears Chromedome call out to him. Turning around, Jack sees that Chromedome has come back. Chromedome walks up to him, but then punches him and takes him out.

Blanker is taking a break when he sees Chromedome up in the sky, carrying Jack. Chromedome returns the MegaZarak, and changes back to who he really is: Sixshot. He begins to torture Jack, demanding to know the secrets of Fortress' Master Sword. Jack says he doesn't know, but Sixshot knows that Jack helped construct Battleship Maximus, so he must know something. Mindwipe takes over and by using his hypnosis, the Destrons learn that the Master Sword was made out of a very strong metal, but only Fortress knows exactly which metal it is.

Blanker has reported what he saw to the others, and since Chromedome is there with them, the one he saw earlier was a fake. The Destrons have kidnapped Jack, but they wonder why. They conclude that Scorponok must want to try and get information about the Master Sword out of him, that is why he has come to this planet. Blanker thinks about something, but when Chromedome asks what is on his mind, he says it doesn't matter. Chromedome says they need to rescue Jack.

The Destrons find out that Jack is useless to them as he doesn't know anything. Weirdwolf says that even ninjas make blunders, but Sixshot has an idea. He installs a time bomb inside Jack, whilst Mindwipe then hypnotizes him. Jack is given simple instructions: he is to enter Battleship Maximus and destroy it.

The Cybertrons assemble outside and they are about to split up to look for Jack, since they have no idea where the Destrons are. But Daniel then notices that Jack is walking straight towards them. Chromedome runs towards his friend, but Blanker stops him and gets Twincast to run his sensors on Jack. Twincast discovers that Jack has had a bomb planted on him.

They see that he is heading straight towards the ship. Fortress tells everyone to get away from it, whilst Chromedome keeps yelling out to Jack. Twincast says it is no good, Mindwipe must have used his hypnosis on him. Chromedome wants to save him, but as he gets close, Jack turns around and shoots him! The Destrons have equipped Jack with new weapons.

Blanker says the only thing they can do is to destroy Jack before he reaches the ship, something Highbrow disagrees with as Jack is Chromedome's friend. Blanker just says that this is the nature of war, and tells him to get out of the way. Chromedome tells him to wait -he'll be the one who shoots him. Chromedome draws out his guns...

...but then waits. He thinks back to one of the good times he had with Jack and Abel.

But back in the present, Blanker gets impatient and pushes Chromedome out of the way to take the shot. Chromedome leaps forward, landing in front of Jack. Jack starts firing his lasers, but Chromedome aims his gun and pulls the trigger. He blows a hole in Jack's chest, sending his friend flying back. Jack has just about enough time to warn that the Destrons know about the secrets of the Master Sword...

...but the bomb goes off and he explodes, leaving nothing but a large crater. Sixshot and the Destron Headmasters had been watching, and decide to attack. The Cybertron Targetmasters fire first however...

...and blast down the Destron Headmasters easily. Chromedome transforms and goes after Sixshot, but then Slugslinger and his team appear. Blanker is surprised to see that they are now Targetmasters also! He realises that the three missing small robots have joined up with the Destrons.

Sixshot transforms to robot mode and uses some rapid fire tactics, but Chromedome transforms and shoots back, blowing Sixshot's arms off. He retreats, and the other Destrons do the same.

Later on, Chromedome is punching walls when Blanker appears. Chromedome blames himself for not being able to save Jack, but Pointblank tells him to save his strength for the next battle with the Destrons. Chromedome says he doesn't like him, but he does not recognise his power. Blanker admits that Chromedome isn't too bad either. Daniel and Wheelie are happy Chromedome is alright again, and Wheelie says Chromedome cannot catch them. As Chromedome runs off to prove him wrong, Fortress appears and tells Blanker to keep giving him support. Blanker thinks Chromedome will become a good warrior.


The small Targetmaster robot toys do actually have names, but they are never used in this series. Blanker's is Peaceman, Sureshot's is Spoil, Crosshair's is Pointech, Slugslinger's is Caliburst, Misfire's is Aimless and finally Triggerhappy's is Blowpipe.

Quite why the Targetmasters speak only in beeps and chirps is never explained, and they seem to be the only ones from Master to use this language.

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