Since Scorponok's previous defeat, he and the Destrons seem to have left the Earth, and things have been peaceful for a while. Inside Battleship Maximus, Chromedome thinks the Destrons could still be around wants to go and search for them. Fortress says he has a mission for them, but it doesn't involve fighting any Destrons -it involves cleaning up after them.

The Destrons had planted plasma energy explosives in certain locations on the planet. Splitting up into 2 teams, the Cybertron Headmasters have been sent to find them. Equipped with scanners, the teams locate where the explosives are and move in to retrieve them.

Meanwhile, Amhorn, Steeljaw, Eject and Rewind are on the move, trying to find any Destron activity. Elsewhere Fortress contacts Athenia and talks to Spike, and wants him to organise relief for areas attacked by the Destrons. Daniel and Arcee want to help, but Wheelie says he can get his friends to join in also. Daniel is surprised that Wheelie has any other friends, but Wheelie says he just has to give the word and they'll come. Fortress suggests that Spike has the Destron Earth base destroyed first, and to have something new and useful built over it.

Chromedome then reports in and says he and Hardhead have found several bombs, and will remove them. Chromedome places some in a backpack, but as he does, the lava inside the cave they are in begins to rise, making the place shake. Chromedome fumbles with one of the bombs and sets it off! Thankfully it is on timer, but it could go off soon.

Chromedome doesn't want to be the one carrying it and neither does Hardhead, but the two cross heads to improve their skills. The lava begins to flood the cave, but Chromedome and Hardhead make it out in time.

Spike, Arcee, Daniel and Wheelie have gone to Earth. Spike and Arcee head inside a building, as a United Nations conference dealing with the relief operation is about to start and they are both going to be attending it. Spike asks Daniel and Wheelie to behave themselves and wait until the conference is over. Daniel is disappointed as he wanted to offer suggestions in the conference, but he then asks Wheelie where his friends are, and begins to think that Wheelie doesn't really have any friends. Wheelie says he did call them and they will be here soon -and just then, up in the sky, three Cybertrons appear and land before them.


Blanker tells Wheelie it has been a while, but Daniel says that Wheelie's friends are really cool. Blanker is a bit confused at that statement -they're Wheelie's "friends"?! Wheelie tries to get around it by saying Daniel wants to become friends with them. Daniel doesn't get it and asks him to introduce his friends, but Blanker says never mind. He, Sureshot and Crosshairs have come here as they want to meet the Cybertron Supreme Commander. Daniel says he knows where Fortress is and walks off to lead the way. As he does, Blanker confronts Wheelie -did he tell the kid that they were friends? Wheelie lies and says no -why would he call his superiors friends?! Daniel tells them to hurry, and Blanker decides to let Wheelie's fibs slide.

Fortress is researching the power of the Destron bombs, which will cause tremendous destruction if detonated. They will need to find a way of safely getting rid of the explosives, and with time running out, he comes up with the only solution. Daniel and Wheelie then run in and say some Cybertrons are here to see him. Fortress meets Blanker, Sureshot and Crosshairs, and has heard of their power. Blanker says they would have gotten here earlier but got held up. They want to protect the Earth and demonstrate their power. Fortress says he is grateful, but the Destrons are no longer here. Blanker says that he should still stay alert. Fortress says he has some tidying up to do and lets Blanker and the others come with him -he'll explain what is going on once they are airborne.

Outside, Wheelie explains to Daniel that Blanker, Sureshot and Crosshairs are very strong warriors, and from what he has heard, the three have defeated hundreds of Destrons. Daniel wants to know how Wheelie met them, but Wheelie admits that they used to take care of him. Fortress then calls out to the two and tells them to board his ship, as they are taking off. Moments later, Battleship Maximus is in the air.

Elsewhere on Earth, Chromedome and Hardhead are running out of the cave, but some tremors cause rocks to fall, blocking off their exit. They try and clear it but can't move the debris. Meanwhile Brainstorm and Highbrow have had better luck, as they have successfully retrieved the bombs they were sent to get and exit the cave they found them in. They board Battleship Maximus.

Fortress heads to where Chromedome and Hardhead are, and uses some claws on his ship to open up the cave they are stuck in. The two of them get out, but Chromedome says that one of the bomb's timers has been set. Fortress says they will destroy the bombs in space, and soon the Cybertrons leave the Earth. Daniel asks if they can stop the timer, but Highbrow doesn't want to mess with it -one mistake and they could blow themselves up. Fortress says they will travel to a safety zone, where the bombs can detonate without causing damage to anything.

Blanker, Sureshot and Crosshairs then run onto the bridge. Blanker asks for he and his team to go on ahead, but Fortress says it is too dangerous. Blanker tells him not to worry -they are faster and stronger than regular Transformers.



Back on Earth, Spike and his team arrive at the Destron base. As there don't seem to be any Destrons left on the planet, the base is empty, so it can be destroyed at ease. The Protectbots, Techbots and Trainbots combine into their super robot forms, and begin to trash it.

Back in space, Fortress says they can release the bombs now, but Chromedome says to wait -another ship is approaching. The crew of the ship are sending an SOS signal, and Chromedome patches them through. But the language they speak is gibberish, consisting of beeps that nobody can understand. However, Twincast can translate their speech and does so, revealing that the 6 small robots on the ship have escaped from planet Master.

The ship is then attacked by 3 Destrons -Fortress says they must help, and has a hatch opened on his ship so Blanker, Sureshot and Crosshairs can roll out. Pointblank knows who these 3 Destrons are...


Slugslinger knows who Blanker is, and transforms into his jet mode. Triggerhappy and Misfire transform into their jet modes and fire on the Cybertrons.

Blanker, Sureshot and Crosshairs transform into their vehicle modes and fire back on the Destrons. With the Destrons distracted, the small ship is no longer in danger, and lands inside Battleship Maximus. The 6 small robots walk out of it.

Twincast translates what they are saying: the Destrons have invaded planet Master! A very large ship attacked them. Fortress knows that it must have been MegaZarak. Meanwhile, the Cybertron Headmasters have headed out...

...because they've seen that Sixshot has appeared. Fortress goes to them and says that the Destrons have attacked Master. Sixshot starts shooting at them, but Chromedome tries to charge into him. This fails when Sixshot creates a barrier, and then create multiples of himself in his various transformation modes. Chromedome tries his charge attack again, but goes right through one of the multiples and falls down onto another part of the ship.

Highbrow is worried about the bombs, but then Twincast appears and has some surprising news: the Master refugees have said they are going to take them. By the time Fortress gets back to where they are, the 6 robots have loaded up their ship with the explosives. Fortress isn't happy, but one of them says that he must leave it to them, and open the hatch so they can leave.

Sixshot is still causing problems for the Cybertron Headmasters, but Blanker tells them to watch what a real warrior can do. He does a flying kick which knocks Sixshot over, but Blanker then sees the small ship is back in space.

Slugslinger moves towards it, but Blanker says he won't allow it. He charges into Slugslinger as the rest of his team fight Misfire and Triggerhappy, but time has run out...

...and the bombs explode! An enormous amount of plasma energy is released -right next to Battleship Maximus! What will be the fate of these Transformers?


Several older characters appear near the start of the episode, in the panning shot of Metroflex and Battleship Maximus. Sunstreaker possibly appears to the right, in the middle there is Skyfire, and to the left is Ironhide. Skyfire's appearance is surprising (see this page at the Transformers Wiki for more info) whilst Ironhide's appearance is bizarre given that he died in Transformers: The Movie. This episode proves he's still alive, folks! Perhaps the biggest mystery is that, between Skyfire and Ironhide, is a robot who clearly has Convoy's (Optimus Prime) character model, just colored blue and white.

"Destron Sanka" (Destron Song of Praise) is played for the first time in this episode, when Blanker's team start to fight with Slugslinger's.

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