Cobra Commander tries to blame his failings on his troops, and then on Serpentor, but Golobulus doesn't listen to him. He has Nemesis Enforcer remove Cobra Commander from the clamshell holding him, and instead has him thrown to the ground. Golobulus then shows the others the powerful weapon they have, a weapon no enemy can withstand. He points out the many spore pods above them.

He explains that in several hours, these pods will launch into space. There they will explode, releasing deadly spores across the Earth, which will degenerate all organisms they touch and mutate them into primitive, incompetent lifeforms.

Back in the present, Golobulus says that only those beneath Cobra-La's ice dome will be spared. But the pods will not ripen in freezing space, so they will require energy. That is why they need to get the Broadcast Energy Transmitter. Cobra Commander thinks his plan is laughable, as they don't even know where the B.E.T. is. Golobulus tells him his punishment will not be laughable. His trial is over, and he is guilty. He failed, which is unforgivable. Some guards restrain Cobra Commander, as Nemesis Enforcer walks over with a small spore pod.

He holds the pod in front of Cobra Commander's face, and it explodes. The spores ravage his body, and Golobulus tells Nemesis Enforcer to throw the worthless sewage away. However Serpentor asks for him to be thrown into the cell where they are keeping the captured Joes, as an example of what will happen to them later. Golobulus agrees, and Nemesis Enforcer takes off.

Wild Bill and Lift-Ticket are flying Falcon out to the Slaughter House via helicopter. They tell him to put his parachute on, but Falcon doesn't understand why he needs to as they're out in the middle of nowhere. Lift-Ticket says that is where he belongs, and then boots him out of the helicopter. He just about manages to land without getting killed.

As Falcon gets up, he is confronted by a man wearing a Cobra uniform! He goes to fight him, but the Cobra guy has other friends who help him. However, another man appears, telling them all to go at ease. Sergeant Slaughter has arrived.

Sgt. Slaughter says that he's been expecting Falcon. He says he is a special drill instructor for G.I. Joe, and he's going to whip Falcon into shape. He then tells him to straighten up and meet the renegades. They aren't real dependable yet, but once he gets through with them, they're going to be perfect.

First there is Mercer, an ex-Cobra Viper who's seen the light. There there is Red Dog, an ex-football player who was booted out for unnecessary roughness. Finally there is Taurus, a circus acrobat with a few loose bats in his big top.

Now that they're all close friends, Sgt. Slaughter says they'll head back to the Slaughter House. He and the others get to use vehicles, but Falcon is going to have to start running now, at least if he wants to make it there in time for breakfast. Falcon can't believe he's expected to walk there, but Slaughter tells him he can run if he wants. Yo Joe! He and the others ride off, and Falcon starts to run after them.

Back in Cobra-La, some guards take Cobra Commander towards the Joe's cell. Roadblock tells everyone to remember the plan: once the guards open the gate, they're outta here. The gate opens, and the Joes make a break for it.

They batter the guards out of the way, and then Quick Kick leads them towards an exit. As Roadblock finishes off two more guards, Cobra Commander tells him not to go with the others, as they are heading into a trap. Roadblock tells him to get out of his face, but then Cobra Commander points out what is happening to his friends.

The other Joes are caught by tentacles, which tie them to trees. Roadblock is about to go and help them when Cobra Commander tells him there is nothing he can do for them. They must escape and fight again, and he knows a way out. Roadblock is cautious and asks what's his fee, as snakes don't give for free. Cobra Commander just wants to escape with him.

Roadblock decides to go with his offer, and the two of them run towards another exit. But Golobulus sees them and sends Nemesis Enforcer out. Nemesis Enforcer gets ahead of Roadblock, and then moves in, releasing a small amount of spores. Some of these go into Roadblock's eyes and blind him. He just about manages to see Nemesis Enforcer lunge at him, and he counters his assault with an elbow to his back.

Since he can't see clearly, Cobra Commander says he'll act as Roadblock's eyes, and tells him to run to the left. The two end up falling into a river, which has a powerful current. Meanwhile, the spore pods begin to blast off, heading into space. Serpentor and the others move out, as they know that their mission is not complete until they find the Broadcast Energy Transmitter.

Meanwhile Roadblock swims towards dry land, although he thinks Cobra Commander is losing it, as all he keeps saying is how he was once a man. He feels something next to him in the water and picks it up, realising it is Cobra Commander's mask. Cobra Commander says it was his mask, just as he was once a man.

Roadblock hears the spore pods blasting off and doesn't like the sound of them. He asks Cobra Commander what is going on, and is told it will be the end of human civilization unless they contact G.I. Joe. Roadblock picks Cobra Commander up, as he is led onto another path on dry ground.

Meanwhile, at the Slaughter House, the Renegades are finishing off their breakfast when Falcon arrives. Sgt. Slaughter tells him he's missed breakfast, but that's what happens when you are out of shape. He's got no time to rest now though as he's going to make him go to war until he wishes he was dead.

Duke reports in, and Sgt. Slaughter is surprised when he finds out Flint's unite have not found Roadblock and his unit yet. Duke says they can't wait any longer, and he wants the Renegades to infiltrate the Terror Drome and try and find out of Cobra knows what happened to Roadblock's team. He also asks how Falcon is doing. Slaughter says it is too early to tell yet, but he at least has potential. He won't tell him that Duke asked about him, and then ends the transmission. Slaughter then gathers together the Renegades and tells them they are going to Cobra Island.

They think infiltrating the Terror Drome is crazy, but he tells them to think of it as an extra rough training exercise. Falcon jokes that if this is just training, they should leave their weapons behind to make it really educational. Slaughter says that would be a real challenge, and says they will not be taking any weapons with them. As Slaughter gives the order to move out, the Renegades aren't happy with their newest recruit's bright idea.

In a surprise move to try and confuse Cobra, the Joes move the B.E.T. into a civilian security lab, as they think that Cobra would never think of looking for it there. But one of the crew helping move the B.E.T. is actually Baroness, who runs off to tell everyone at Cobra-La.

Later on that night the Renegades arrive at the Terror Dome. Mercer knows the lay out of the base, and to get inside it, they have to use an air vent. They climb up a ladder and sneak through the vent, heading towards central control.

They happen to pass a room with Serpentor and some of the other Cobra troops inside it. Serpentor says they know where the B.E.T. is and will go and take it, as the Joes and not organized and under-manned. They will then transport the B.E.T. back to Cobra-La. Mercer says he hasn't heard of Cobra-La, but Sgt. Slaughter tells Falcon to go and get the word out to the other Joes, whilst he and the rest of the Renegades will go and place a bomb in the Terror Drome's armory. The Renegades quickly move out, and soon arrive in the armory. As they secure weapons...

...Sgt. Slaughter plants a bomb with a 15 minute timer. He and the others then get into a firefight with some Cobra troops. Meanwhile, Falcon finds a room he can make contact with the Joe base, but he can't seem to get through to them.

Several troops then enter the room and take him out. As Sgt. Slaughter's group fight their way out of the Terror Drome, Slaughter notices that Falcon isn't with them. Red Dog doesn't care, as they don't need him. He casually shoots down some Cobras.

Sgt. Slaughter cares, telling Red Dog it is time he learnt that they are a team. Either they all go home, or nobody goes home! They fight their way back into the Terror Drome. Meanwhile, Tomax and Xamot have taken Falcon to Serpentor, who slaps him around. He wants to know the purpose of Falcon's mission, and how many there are in his force.

Serpentor says that he can't hold out forever. Falcon says he's right -he just needs to fall out for five more minutes. Serpentor tells him that if he won't answer to him, then he can answer to Nemesis Enforcer. Just then, the Renegades arrive in the war room.

They charge towards Falcon, as Destro, Baroness, Tomax and Xamot flee. Nemesis Enforcer throws Falcon, as Sgt. Slaughter moves in to challenge him. But Nemesis Enforcer throws a facehugger at him. This attaches to his face, and as he can't fight back, Nemesis Enforcer starts to pummel him. But the other Renegades start shooting at Serpentor, who screams for help.

Nemesis Enforcer leaves Slaughter, and uses his wings to protect his superior. Falcon helps Sgt. Slaughter up, and he wants to go another round with Nemesis Enforcer. But Taurus reminds them about the bomb, and they all start to run out of the base.

The armory bomb explodes seconds later, causing massive amounts of damage. Soon the entire place goes up in flames, and the Renegades have escaped from it. Taurus thinks Cobra is finished, but Sgt. Slaughter tells him not to bet on it.

Serpentor and the others have survived, and Serpentor says he wants their heads. He gathers together his forces to move out, and soon they arrive at the security lab. The Joes prepare to fight back, but they first get the B.E.T. secured.

As forces of G.I. Joe and Cobra fight each other, but the forces of Cobra-La then also join in the battle. Their weaponry creates tentacles which restrict the movement of the Joe's vehicles.

The new recruits move out in a helicopter, but only seconds in their aircraft gets hit and the rotors stop working. They end up crashing, but thankfully everyone has survived. Meanwhile the Dreadnoks move in towards the lab's entrance.

Serpentor arrives at the battle, leading a group of Night Ravens. He says to maintain their air attack, whilst also sending in one of Cobra-La's strongest weapons: the Marauders!

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