Annet Myer

Annet is the character you play as in El Viento, and she is a 17 year old sorceress who has a blood relationship with Hastur. In 1926 she was almost used as a sacrifice to resurrect the evil God, but was saved by Earnest Evans, who adopted her as his daughter. However, the cult who want to resurrect Hastur are still around. They start a plan, which involves turning the Empire State building into a shrine to revive their lord. Annet learns of this and heads to New York, where she meets Restiana and finds out a lot more about the exact details of the cult's plan.

Earnest Evans

A treasure hunter/archaeologist who prevented the complete resurrection of Hastur in 1926 whilst also saving Annet, who he adopted as his daughter. Earnest is 31 years old during the time El Viento takes place, although his presence in the game is a bit of a mystery as he doesn't do anything that important and only appears twice in the whole thing.


A 17 year old girl, Restiana has been tricked by Henry into believing that she can consume all of Hastur's power and use it by herself, but she doesn't realise that Henry plans to use her as a sacrifice -Hastur will consume her instead. She begins to have trouble believing Henry's claim after she battles Annet for the first time, but ultimately she is consumed by Hastur and killed at the end of the game.


The leader of the Hastur cult, Henry has being plotting to resurrect Hastur and now has plans to use Restiana to go about doing this. He is only ever seen in a few of the cutscenes between levels and you never get to fight him, so what exactly happens to him isn't clear -there is no mention of him being killed off or anything like that in the game, but he does not appear in Annet Futatabi either.


After the great war of 1914-1918, which left Germany economically and politically broken, Zigfried abandoned his home country and moved to the United States. It was there where he worked with Al Capone, and eventually became his right-hand man. But in 1926 he turned against him and helped out Earnest and Annet in preventing Hastur's complete resurrection. In El Viento, his knowledge of the Hastur cult leads to Annet learning some information from him and he is present in the game's ending, where it is revealed that he has a plan of his own. He puts his plan into motion and becomes the main villain of Annet Futatabi.

Al Capone

The boss of the Mafia, Al Capone has made vast amounts of money by selling bootleg liquor during the years of prohibition in the United States. As well as this, he is working with the Hastur group to bring Hastur back to life, but their last attempt failed thanks to the efforts of Earnest Evans. His part in the group's new plan is to use political power to renovate part of the interior of the Empire State building into a shrine for Hastur. However, after he meets Annet, she convinces him to stop working with the group and he leaves peacefully. In the American version of El Viento, he is called Vincente DeMarco. His face is never actually fully seen in the game either, I got his portrait from the Japanese version's manual.