Annet Meiya

Annet is a 17 year old sorceress. In 1926, a cult intended to use her as a sacrifice to resurrect Hastur, an evil God. However, she was saved by Earnest Evans, and worked with him to stop the cult. They were successful and Annet was able to seal away a portion of the God's power for herself. Annet became Earnest's adopted daughter, and stayed with him.

However, two years later, the cult returns, and are planning to revive their God with a unknowing new sacrifice. Annet is destined to confront this cult, and rushes to New York city to stop them for good. Armed with boomerang weapons, and several powerful magic spells, Annet is the only one who can truly contain Hastur.

Earnest Evans

A 31 year old archaeologist who saved Annet and helped her prevent the revival of Hastur in 1926. Adopting her as his daughter, he resumed his life of a treasure hunter, traveling all over the world and frequently having to battle against Al Capone's band of crooks over valuable relics. In this game he isn't aware of what's going on at first, but rushes to find Annet and tells her Al Capone told him the Hastur cult were plotting something. He then tells Annet to go to Detroit and to find Zigfried, whilst he'll deal with Al Capone. He later appears in the ending to comfort Annet.

Earnest usually uses a whip as his weapon of choice, although he's never seen with it in this game.


A 17 year old girl, Restiana has been tricked by Henry into believing that she can consume all of Hastur's power and use it by herself, but she doesn't realize that Henry plans to use her as a sacrifice -Hastur will consume her instead. At first she can't believe Annet is going against her and says that she should be on the cult's side, and later battles her at Mt. Rushmore. She loses the fight, but doesn't believe Annet's claims that the cult are just using her. However she is later seen having doubts about what Henry has told her. Ultimately she decides to go through with his plan, and waits at the top of the Empire State Building for a final battle with Annet.

Whilst not mentioned in the game, Restiana's bio in the instruction manual states that she acts on her own authority and is trying to summon Hastur by herself. I get the feeling that it was supposed to be her who dealt with Henry, but this isn't shown in the game.


Ullrich, the previous leader of the Hastur cult, was killed by Earnest Evans. He was succeeded by Henry, who devised a new plan: he tricked Restiana into thinking that she could take Hastur's power, without her knowing that she could be consumed in the process. Whilst Restiana has doubts after she battles Annet for the first time, he still manages to convince her it will be alright. He is later seen taunting Annet, although exactly how he is doing this isn't clear -he may have some kind of magic powers himself, as his image appears before her in one of the game's later cutscenes.

The instruction manual states that Henry is the Bishop of the Hastur cult, and is 52 years old. Exactly what happens to him isn't clear, as after he is seen speaking to Annet, he never appears in the game again. I'd like to think that you were supposed to fight him as a boss or something, but it's not clear. He doesn't appear or even get a mention in Annet Futatabi.


After the great war of 1914-1918, which left Germany economically and politically broken, Zigfried abandoned his home country and moved to the United States. It was there where he worked with Al Capone, and eventually became his right-hand man. But in 1926 he turned against him and helped out Earnest and Annet in preventing Hastur's complete resurrection. In El Viento, his knowledge of the Hastur cult leads to Annet learning some information from him and he is present in the game's ending, where he witnesses the end of Hastur. As Earnest comforts Annet, Zigfried quietly talks to himself about his own beautiful plan.

Zigfried is meant to be 27 in this game, but he's not what he seems. He was willing to help Earnest and Annet because if an evil God was to wipe out mankind...well, he'd rather do it his way. He would put his plan into motion in Annet Futatabi.

Al Capone

The boss of the Mafia, Al Capone has made vast amounts of money by selling bootleg liquor during the years of prohibition in the United States. As well as this, he is working with the Hastur group to revive their God, but their previous attempt failed thanks to the efforts of Earnest Evans. His part in the group's new plan is to use political power to renovate part of the interior of the Empire State Building into a shrine for Hastur. However, after he meets Annet, she convinces him to stop working with the group and he leaves peacefully. He later tells Earnest about the cult's plot. In the American version of El Viento, he name was changed to Vincente DeMarco, and he no longer smokes in the cutscenes.