The fight begins, and Raoh wants to smash Kenshiro into dust. He makes the first move with a punch, but as he is about to hit Ken, his opponent vanishes! Moving incredibly quickly, Kenshiro warps around Raoh and ends up behind him.

Not only did Ken avoid his attack, but he also managed to hit Raoh a lot without him being able to stop him. Raoh stumbles and falls down, as Kenshiro tells him that against Musou Tensei, the ultimate technique of Hokuto Shinken, there is only death.

Kenshiro then goes to finish Raoh but as he strikes him, Raoh manages to also use the Musou Tensei! He warps behind Kenshiro and all that Kenshiro is left with is a bleeding hand.

Raoh explains that he has also suffered through sadness. He then points to one of the statue's hands, which is holding Yuria! Ken asks Raoh what he has done to her, but he just sends an aura blast to the statue's hand, making it crumble and drop her.

Ken runs over and catches her as Bat and Lin also come over. Raoh explains that for the first time he had a woman...but with her life he was able to awaken the Musou Tensei. Kenshiro leaves Yuria and starts to walk towards Raoh. Raoh says that everything will come to an end, now.

Meanwhile the Nanto army have re-grouped and even though many of them are injured, they have still managed to take over Raoh's castle. Rihaku asks Balga why Raoh decided to forget his dreams of conquest and instead go straight into battle with Kenshiro. Balga says that Raoh is the conqueror. The conqueror who serves heaven and brings peace to the land. He was taught this by Yuria and now he has gone to battle Kenshiro, even though it means the death of him. To be beaten by a stronger opponent is the ultimate and only satisfaction he can have now.

Back at the battle, Raoh tells Kenshiro to come at him, and the two engage in combat once more. By both using Musou Tensei at the same time, they cause widespread destruction to the Hokuto Renkitouza...

...and each other. Raoh says that now they have both mastered Musou Tensei, the technique is useless and will not work! Therefore it is a contest of brute strength. It is like the fights they had when they were much younger.

The two resume fighting and Raoh manages to smash Kenshiro into the ground. He says that he could never defeat him, as he taught him everything he knows about martial arts. He is clearly superior. Raoh then thanks the Gods for sending him such a worthy opponent.

Ken gets back up and the two continue to battle. Bat says that it is like they are attacking each other without caring for their own defense, and neither are showing signs of hatred. But Lin says that they seem to be becoming transparent, and as she watches she sees the younger Kenshiro and Raoh fighting. Bat eventually sees them, as Raoh and Kenshiro think back.

Raoh had beaten Kenshiro down when Raoh told him that that was enough for today. However Kenshiro wanted to keep fighting, as he wanted to become stronger. When Raoh asked why, Ken told him it was because he wanted to surpass him. He knows he told Toki that if he went down the wrong path, he must use his fists to stop him. Ken wants to know why he only told Toki that. Kenshiro is also a disciple of Hokuto, so he would try and stop him also.

Back in the present, Raoh surrounds himself with energy -his touki (fighting spirit) -which is meant to destroy anything that gets in the way. However, Kenshiro moves forward and, much to Raoh's shock, makes his touki move away from him! Bat sees that Kenshiro doesn't even seem to be looking at Raoh, just his touki. Ken intends to use it to get closer to Raoh, and then use a final strike to end the battle.

Raoh notices that Kenshiro is crying. Ken tells him that it has come to an end, the next blow will be the end of their battle. Both he and Toki had a great respect for Raoh, the eldest brother of Hokuto. Raoh takes away his spiritual energy and says that if it has come to this, then very well. Saying that this is the fist of his soul -heaven awaits! He strikes at Kenshiro.

But Kenshiro avoids it and hits Raoh in his chest. Raoh can no longer stand and falls down, not understanding how this happened, as he put all of his soul into his attack. Ken tells him that his heart is all alone, but in his own heart his feelings for both Raoh, Toki and Yuria live on. This is where Kenshiro's strength comes from, and what gave him an advantage over Raoh.

Raoh attempts to get up, but he body erupts with blood. He sees the spirit of Toki once again, who tells him that the fight is over. He can now admit that he didn't abandon love, and had it carved deep into his heart. Raoh refuses, saying that he would rather die than admit to that. As Toki vanishes, Raoh tells Ken that within his fists is the pride of the oldest brother of Hokuto. Forcing himself to stand, he tells everyone to observe the way he, Ken-Oh, dies. He makes himself walk over to Kenshiro.

Raoh yells out that he is still equal in terms of power and skill with Kenshiro, and goes to punch him, but his fists stop just before Ken's head. Raoh sees that Kenshiro knew he was bluffing, he no longer has the power to win. Raoh says he now understands now why Kenshiro is so strong...

he fought alongside all of those irreplaceable friends, he has seen the line between life and death. The only man Raoh could ever consider a friend was Toki.

Raoh puts his hands on Ken's head, as he wants to see the face of the man who defeated him. He praises Kenshiro for what he has accomplished.

Yuria then suddenly wakes up -she is still alive! Bat and Lin call out to Ken to tell him the good news. Ken is surprised, but Raoh tells him to go and, at long last, Kenshiro and Yuria are finally reunited. But Raoh has one more surprise: when he hit Yuria, he has made it so she will live for a few more years rather than months.

He tells her to live her remaining life with Kenshiro in peace and happiness. He then turns away from them and thinks about Reina, saying that he has now found what love is. Even if his body is destroyed, he thinks that his soul will be by her side. He then announces that he needs no help in returning to heaven...

"I have not had one single shred of regret in my entire life!"

Raoh is dead. But his death has basked the world in a new light. The light signals the start of a new age and soon, with the fear of Ken-Oh gone, people no longer have to be miserable, as we see towns that are full of happy villagers with enough food and water for everyone, and people working together. Rihaku explains to his men that because of Kenshiro, Yuria and Raoh, the world has been saved from an age of darkness.

Kenshiro picks up Raoh's body and says that the heavens are smiling. Later on, he, Yuria, Bat, Lin and Kokuoh-Go watch the fire as Raoh is cremated. Yuria says that terror was the only way to rule the violent wasteland, but ruling by terror does not bring peace. Raoh must have wanted to be defeated by someone who possessed love, and that one day he wanted pure light to pour over the wastelands. Kenshiro says that he will live on as the successor to Hokuto Shinken.

Later on, Reina and Akashachi are still waiting for Raoh when they see that his horse has come to them. Reina sees that Raoh isn't riding him but he has a box, which is full of his ashes. The both know now that Raoh is dead.

Later on Akashachi sets sail on his pirate ship, with Reina also onboard.

Reina starts to release Raoh's ashes. She says that in the life she stayed with him, she hasn't had any regrets. She believes that one day Kenshiro will also head across the sea and go to their homeland, just like Raoh did when he left Shura with baby Kenshiro all those years a go.

The End.

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