Raoh's battle with Fudo has begun, but Raoh is easily winning. As he smashes Fudo in the face and sends him crashing into the ground, Raoh comments that he doesn't feel any fear at all in fighting him. Perhaps the fear he felt when he fought Kenshiro before was nothing. He no longer has any use for Fudo, so he and all of his children can die.

Fudo gets back up and says he understands now that Kenshiro must have made Raoh feel fear. He says he will show him his demon's blood and charges, but Raoh strikes both of his fists into Fudo's body with such force that they actually go into his chest.

Thinking he's won for sure, he tries to remove his fists, only to find that he can't! Fudo grabs onto Raoh and then starts to crush him. Raoh sees the sadness in his eyes, the same thing he saw in Kenshiro in their previous battle, but he then manages to remove one of his fists. The time for him to take the demon's blood is now, and he strikes into Fudo again.

Raoh then strikes Fudo repeatedly and hits him with an uppercut. Meanwhile, Kenshiro runs towards Fudo's village.

Despite all of the injuries he has, Fudo gets back up and resumes fighting. Raoh leaps up into the air and delivers a powerful elbow to his opponent's back. This seems to finally stop Fudo and sends him crashing back down. Raoh smiles and says that the line he made wasn't needed, as retreat was never an option for him.

However he is surprised when Fudo gets back up, as the strikes he landed on him should have been enough to end his life. Fudo says Raoh will never understand and tells him to look around. The children are all standing behind Fudo, some of them armed with sticks and stones. Fudo says that it is the pure hearts of these children that drive him forward -can Raoh see it in their eyes? Raoh has seen it before, when he battled with Kenshiro!

As Raoh realises this Fudo charges. Raoh quickly snaps out of it and raises his own fist to strike Fudo down, but as he does this a spear has been launched! It hits Fudo.

Raoh sees what he has done: retreated! How could he, Ken-Oh, do such a thing? Whilst he is now heavily injured, Fudo can still talk and says that Raoh saw Kenshiro in those children, as well as seeing him in his fists. It caused fear to once more rise into Raoh, and due to him being scared by this, he retreated. It is the end, he and Kenshiro have won! As Raoh stares at him dumbfounded, Fudo once again charges, but is hit by more arrows.

Raoh turns around and heads back towards his troops. Fudo removes the arrows fired into him, but then falls over as his children surround his body. Raoh tells his troops they are fools for shooting Fudo instead of him.

"But Lord Ken-Oh, if we hadn't of shot Fu"

Raoh is angry with his troops and starts to choke one of the gunners, as Balga asks for him to calm down. These troops were just doing what they thought was right by protecting him. Raoh lets go of the gunner, but then gets back on his horse and rides off alone.

Later on Kenshiro finally arrives in Fudo's village. The children explain to him that their father managed to beat Raoh. Ken is happy to hear their words as Fudo weakly asks Ken to, from now on, embrace the children of this era, as a last favour to Fudo of the mountain. With these final words, Fudo dies.

At Raoh's palace, Yuria is seeing to the soldier Raoh injured. Balga explains what happened to Raoh and how now all he is thinking about is his upcoming battle with Kenshiro, rather than his ambition for conquest. Meanwhile Raoh stands in front of a fire with lots of blazing hot coals inside it.

He puts his hands into the fire and picks up one without showing any sign of pain. He then crushes it into pieces. There is nothing wrong his his perfect body, he thinks, but it still doesn't change the fact that he has felt fear twice now. Is sadness stronger than physical strength? As he thinks about this, the spirit of Toki appears in the flames.

Toki explains to Raoh that because of his huge ambition, he cannot see the sadness in people's eyes. He mentions that Reina gave her life to him to aid him in his conquest. What does he think moved her to do so? Raoh says that they were allies who were fighting for the same goal. What moved her was his ambition. Toki then asks why he has Yuria. Raoh tells him that that was also ambition. Toki shakes his head and tells him he is wrong. It is actually love. If he can't recognise that, then he will never be able to master the thing he wants now: the Musou Tensei technique.

As Toki's spirit vanishes, Raoh says that he now knows that path he must take. Nearby Yuria is looking out across a stormy night when Roah appears. He says that because he doesn't know love, he cannot see sadness.

To understand these things, he wants Yuria to give him her life! If he loses her, he might be able to truly know what love and sadness are for the first time. He steps forward to end her life, but before he can he gets shot in the leg with an arrow.

Balga was the one who fired it, and he and a bunch of other troops are nearby. Balga begs Raoh to do anything he wants to them, but he shouldn't kill Yuria. Raoh thinks about it, but then removes the arrow and says his words won't work, he needs Yuria's life. Yuria then walks up to him...

...and tends to the small injury on his leg. She says that if he went into battle with that wound, he wouldn't have a satisfying final battle with Kenshiro. She turns around and says that it will be hard for him to hit her when he is looking straight at her, and that it is time she entered the heavens. Raoh tells her to live on as sadness inside of him, and goes to hit her.

But just before he does Yuria coughs up some blood. Raoh realises that she is sick! Yuria admits that she is, and that she won't live for much longer. So she decided to follow her own destiny without any struggle, and became the last Nanto General. Raoh realises that she has had to wait for Kenshiro for so long, completely sacrificing her own happiness to do so. She doesn't mind her own life ending if it means bringing light to the world.

This finally brings tears to even Raoh's eyes, but it still isn't enough. He still needs to take her life and screams for her to forgive him as he goes to strike her again. The storm at Raoh's palace worsens.

Later on, all of Raoh's Generals are called together for a meeting. Giraque believes that they are all going to be rewarded now that Raoh has Yuria and the last force to oppose him, the Nanto Giyyu Gun, have been defeated. He seems to be right as Raoh comes into the room and says that he will reward them. He tells Giraque to come up to him and tell him what he desires. Giraque says he will accept anything his majesty offers him.

"In that case...death."

With just one wave of his hand, Raoh decapitates Giraque. His head lands on the floor in the middle of where the other Generals are. Raoh gets up and says that there is no longer any need for any of them. He's a demon who consumes other demons, so he'll take their lives now.

Some of them try to run, but Balga is at the only exit and he shuts the door on them. As he stands outside, he can hear the screams as Raoh kills each one of his Generals. After a few seconds of silence he heads back inside and asks Raoh why he has done what he has done. Raoh says that he can fight now as if he died, these men he killed would not have brought peace to the world. Raoh says that he cannot lose as the heavens would mock him if he did, and he walks out of the room.

The next morning, a grave for Fudo has been constructed and Kenshiro and the others look at it. Ken hears something and turns around to see Raoh's horse, Kokuoh-Go, heading his way. The horse stops near to him and then kneels.

Kenshiro mounts the horse and says that Raoh is calling out to him. He invites Bat and Lin to also climb on, as he wants them to see his final battle. Soon Kokuoh-Go is taking them to where Raoh is.

They arrive at a place Kenshiro calls the Hokuto Renkitouza. He explains to Bat and Lin that this was where he used to train a long time a go along with the others. He then sees that Raoh is waiting for him. He says that there is no better place to bury Kenshiro, and starts to walk towards him. The final battle between Raoh and Kenshiro is about to begin.

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