Legend of Raoh: DVD Edition changes
-From Rage Quitter 87's Fist of the North Star site

Originally Legend of Raoh was released in cinemas. The DVD version was a special edition of sorts as it featured lots of changes to certain still frames and animated sequences. There were two extra scenes for the DVD version. Read about them here.

Apparently some people complained about Raoh sounding too soft in the cinematic version. So for the DVD, they got Takashi Ukaji (his voice actor) back in to re-record either all or almost all of his dialogue. The DVD version of Raoh sounds a lot angrier and louder than before. Check out these examples:

Mei-Oh...resistance is useless.
Souga, what have you plotted?! Did you plan to take my life?!
Don't leave a single one of them alive!
Souther...your ambition ends here!

The DVD version also saw a lot of changes to certain parts of animation and still frames. This isn't a complete list of every change made for the DVD version, but I believe I got the majority of them. The screen on the left are from the original version and the ones on the right are from the DVD. Unfortutely I currently only have access to the original version at the time of writing (I used that version for coverage of the movie on the site). I had to get screens from the DVD version from Youtube, thanks to someone who uploaded it there. They'd got subtitles on as well so a few of these screens will have words at the bottom of them. Also, the version on Youtube seemed to be zoomed in a little.

When Bat and Lin see Kaito asking for help, they were made to look less like weird space aliens in the DVD version.

Kenshiro would see a lot of changes in the DVD release. I think they tried to make him look older in more shots.

When Lin asks Ken if he knows who Souther is, she is looking down in the original version. But in the DVD version, she looks up and then stands up whilst asking.

The DVD fixed a colouring error with Bat during a scene set at night.

These shots are both from the part where Ken-Oh tells Mei-Oh resistance is useless. However, just before this part an additional scene was added showing Ken-Oh destroying some of Mei-Oh's forces. See the extra scenes page (link is at the top) for more info.

Raoh/Ken-Oh was another character they decided to change a lot in various shots.

The assasination attempt scene saw a lot of changes, esepcially to Ken-Oh's troops. They have a lot more detail and look meaner in the DVD version.

Various shots of Reina were also changed for this scene. The guy sat next to her chews with his mouth closed in the original version and open in the DVD.

In the original version, Mai crosses her hands over her chest. This was removed from the DVD release. Her face was changed slightly though.

When Souga dies, he looks like he is in a lot more pain in the DVD version. Reina also looks much more horrified.

There was an error in the original version where a trickle of blood leaving Souga's body and entering the pool wasn't there. It was added for the DVD.

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