Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is due out on January 16th, 2018. Additions will include an arcade mode, new v trigger abilities for all characters and more. Owners of the standard Street Fighter V will get the new content for free via a patch. Bonus stages are set to return, one of which is going to feature a cameo from Two P, a bad guy from the original Final Fight. There is also going to be a disc release, which will include all of the new content along with the season 1 and season 2 characters, however, it has been confirmed that these will be provided via DLC codes. So you'll need to buy a new copy of the game rather than used, at least if you want the extra characters.

The season 3 characters were also revealed, showing that Cody is going to be a playable character! But he's got a new look, and appears to have finally cleaned up his act, as he's no longer in jail. It'll be a little while until we find out exactly what's going on with him, as he's set to be the fourth season 3 character to be released.