Street Fighter Alpha The Animation (also known as Street Fighter Alpha The Movie) was released in Japan in 1999. An English dub version was released by Manga Entertainment a year later. The story largely focuses on Ryu and his struggle against the dark hadou. Near the end of the film, Guy, Sodom and Rolento all make brief appearances as they battle in a small tournament. Whilst Guy and Rolento arrive by plane, Sodom arrives in his truck, which was first seen in his Street Fighter Alpha 2 stage.

Their screen time is very brief (Sodom is the only Final Fight character to actually speak!). Sodom fights Ken and loses, Guy fights Dhalsim whilst Rolento battles with Adon. When the true nature of the tournament is revealed, Chun Li tells the fighters to get away, so they all leave. Reaction to this movie was mixed and I'm not a big fan of it, but it has seen several DVD releases and is fairly cheap to obtain. Check out my overview of it in the cartoon coverage section.